The Comey Firing is a Crossroads in American History
Nicholas Grossman

Flood That Swamp!!!🇺🇸

Nothing Against the Netherlands🇳🇱, Dams, Or Dykes, But You Are Cutting Quite The Figure NG Hold Back the River of The People’s Disdain For Washington DC With Your Rhetorical Fingers, Knees and Toes…The Norms, Expectations, and Sensibilities of Elitist Establishmentarians From Both Parties Ought Not Be Progressed or Conserved…The Neoliberal Consensus Is Washington Swamp Creature Numero Uno!🇺🇸…Press Conference Jim Comey Was An Embarrassment to the FBI And His Termination Was Warranted…At Least We Still Have Syria As An Area of Agreement 🇸🇾…