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Representative Tim Murphy, Thank You For The Kind Optimistic Appraisal of The Political Climate, But I Am Afraid You Do Not Know Who You Are Up Against…Not Like I Do at Least. Watch Even Today As Democrat Demagogues Call Republican Lawmakers and Trump Voters Monsters, Murderers, Traitors and Killers Over Healthcare Legislation and Their Own Idiotic Failures to Protect the Electoral Process Throughout 2015 and 2016. It Starts at The Top, This Homicidal Elitist Hypocrisy…Bitter Power-Clingers Like Baby-Neutral Planned Parenthood Abortion Zealot Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Supposedly Pro-Israel🇮🇱 Senator Chuck Schumer Who Both Wallow In The Globalism-First Anti-American Anti-Zionist Money Trough of The Dark Lord Soros, His Windy Witchking Tom Steyer, and Hate Speech Monetizer Mark Zuckerberg. If Patriotism Was Even In the Top 10 of Democrat Values, I’d Never Have Left The Party in 2009.