Sometimes as a nation, the United States of America ages gracefully throughout its long history, and at others not so much at all. Generational cultural contradictions and maladaptations are what truly plague the country currently, rather than the political discourse itself at this point. However, most forces competing for political narrative control currently would never want to face-up to this cultural reality.
That said, election 2020 is now upon us, and its first candidate culling cometh just oh so soon…Wouldn’t it be grand if we could ideally frame this next political tourney sociologically? In fact, imagine the songs Imagine and Ohio representing the course, consumerist sellout, commie-sympathizing cosmopolitanism fully captured by many later Baby Boomers and first wave Gen Xers, versus what I love to help win-out on the right someday soon, a youth-driven pro-life, pro-strength, pro-peace, and post-pigment inclusive nationalist conservatism…represented perfectly by Ray Charles’ version of America the Beautiful. Keep America Great!