Reproductive Politics in a Post-Truth America
Jex Blackmore

The Culture of Life Has A Real Face and Ought Be Consistent

To even reference the 2017 March For Life and not acknowledge the show-stealing performance by Utah Rep. Mia Love is a crime of omission so let’s begin with rectifying the situation. The crux of her speech detailed how she herself owes her life to her Haitian immigrant parents and particularly to her birth mother who decided to give her life and then to give her up for adoption. Her bill to allow over-the-counter birth control just submitted to the House of Representatives puts rubber to the road for advancing a culture of life founded upon personal responsibility.

The achievements of recent Americans like Rep. Love who who were born instead of aborted is a long one, but pales in comparison to the 58,000,000 potential not quite almost Americans who had this done to them in utero.

To trivialize abortion as just another medical decision is as wrongheaded as pro-life activists who oppose contraceptives or adoption by gay and lesbian married couples. A culture of life ought condone abortion if it is medically necessary, be eager to provide proper sex education and contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy, look down upon those who adopt foreign babies as status symbols, and make adoption as easy possible for properly vetted committed couples.

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