Making Government Work Must Start With Cutting Federal Waste
John McCain

The National Debt Has Grown 2000% In My Lifetime, And I Was Barely Born in the Carter-Era

I was born in the beginning of 1981, the last few weeks of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. With the staggering amount of 20 trillion dollars on the horizon, it is barely comprehensible how vast the United States federal deficit has become during my lifetime. I experience a feeling of vertigo just mentally computing how this incredibly nauseating state of affairs came to exist despite good government watchdogs in the public, press, and occasionally in positions of political power constantly warning the populace. Now this ghastly gallo (rooster for the non-Spanish inclined) of government gluttony has come home to roost in the Beltway. A major source of populist backlash across the political spectrum in the United States goes back to how little working-class and middle-class people got in exchange for this explosion of red ink on the national ledger. I found this sentiment last year in Bernie revolutionaries, Ron Paul styled libertarians, Cruzers, Trumpsters, and non-partisans as well. Despite differing or even opposing political views, a common cross-cleaving sentiment was that neoliberal-elites and their D.C. sycophants suckle and chuckle like Orwellian pigs to their hearts’ contents. Moreover, they do this while disdainfully laughing and spitting-upon the rest of the country.

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