Donald, Theresa And Marine Ride The Wave.
Hank Rishel

This Fight Of Unsubmissive Western Anti-Globalists Against The Elitist Economic Domination of Neoliberalism Has Nothing To With Venezuela, But Rather Everything To Do With What Was Stolen From The Common People During And After The Cold War 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇫🇷…Whether By A Cromwell, A Washington, or A Robespierre, The Tyrannous System Must Be Beheaded!…I Am Heart Attack Serious That Populists Are The New San Culottes and Progressives The New Jacobin Proletarians…Together We Can Defeat The Post-Patriot Gang of Globalists…God Bless President Trump!🇺🇸, God Save Prime Minister May!🇬🇧, Vive Le Pen, Vive La France!🇫🇷 The People De-Effete’d, Cannot Be Defeated! It Is All One Commoner Revolution!!!…