This Red-Pilled Blue Dog Freak Power Ex-SJW Fully Endorses the Brilliant Analysis and Sentiments of Victor Davis Hanson in NRO today, as well as Robert Curry Giving German Romanticism and Historicism a Hard Shot in the Hegels! The Over the Airwaves Oracle of Awesomeness Rush Limbaugh Has Establishmentarians Diverse as Tom “Looney Tunes” Friedman to House Speaker and Virtue Signaler Paul Ryan Endorsing his February Proposal to Trade Wall Funding and Immigration Reform for a DACA Recipient-Only Amnesty. Too Sweets All Around, Gentlemen! Former President Barack Obama, the All-Time Deporter In Chief of Nearly 3 million Illegal Immigrants, takes a Break from his Early Retirement and Reintroduction to Cocaine Rail-Racing Aboard David Geffen’s Caligula Yacht to Admonish his successor about Unnecessary Cruelty! Let’s See…DACA is cancelled and Congressional Action on Border Security and Immigration Reform seems Imminent. God Bless President Trump and Team MAGA!