Young People Are The Future — And The Future Is Progressive
Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer, Mordor NextGen Mission Statement: “The Dark Lord Soros and I, Windy Witchking Tom Steyer, His Neoliberal Globalist….I Mean Progressive Field Officer, Do Not Feel Discord Amongst Our Orcs, I Mean Our Committed Well-Financed Progressive Organizers, Is Ever Appropriate At Anytime!..Even Now Young Little Progressives Are Clamoring To Get Sexually Active Just To Keep Planned Parenthood Busy With Sacrificial Intersectional Fetus Scramblings of Solidarity!…Except For The GLBTQ Anti-Zionism🇮🇱 Stormtroopers Whom We Train to Patrol Pride Events and Women’s Marches To Make Sure There Aren’t Any Republicans or Jews In Our Ranks, Heaven Forbid. A Safe and Secure Soros Society Will Be Imposed Upon…Assured For All. Now To Board My Nazgul Private Jet and Sack Gondor…I Mean Fight Climate Change!