Daniel Reagan Diggins
Jun 2 · 2 min read

To Spurn, or Not To Spurn…

Maturity, humility and the necessities of entrepreneurship all combined to bite me in my behind this week as it pertains to blogging, art and politics…or so I thought to myself while rushing around, rushing around. Above is a screenshot of my humorous hubris, back from a few days ago when I was doing what I try to do now and again, namely add a little extra freak power humor to the audio taproot of the vast rightwing conspiracy. Yet opportunity and obligato have prevented me from publicly pushing my “Rock Mueller” meme mix til today, and in that time the prolific poignant prose of George F. Will, particularly his thumping new thesis statement, has caused me to completely reevaluate my hostility towards this gentleman.

Sure, he may be an old bowtie guy who’d likely rather drink generic wine labeled “Vino” than have a conversation with yours truly at any venue, but in his own strange sense, I think Mr. Will may genuinely appreciate the viewpoint of unsubmissive iconoclasts a lot more than he did before the Trump era. My sense of humor has nothing on the Lord God’s. It would be something hilarious and wondrous indeed to see a new standard for American Conservatism arise from the current period, where disparate backgrounds illicit not petty prejudices, but pride of purpose.

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