Well it’s a New Day in the USA today, yes it is…I mean, President DJT’s prodigious past of pretty faces and promiscuity has certainly broken through whatever limits he thought he had placed upon it from getting-out into the open. Now that it’s finally happened though, why are Lanny Davis and Chuck Todd so obsessed with getting contributions and impeachment proceedings moving at a breakneck rate, respectively? You would think they would want there new revelations and causes to marinate in the public awhile if they really thought their long-sought “Trump is finished” narrative was ironclad. To wit, High Cheekbones Warren managed to stomp all over her plan to reorder the kickback schemes of D.C. elites, mostly to the benefit of their children and distant friends, by equating the gruesome murder of a U.S. citizen as a proof that mass amnesty is worthwhile.