Founders’ Spotlight (Mars: Metaverse)

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4 min readMar 1, 2023

This series takes a deep dive into the journey, philosophy of the projects through the eyes of their founder(s). We want to celebrate the unique vision, passion and amazing work of our projects, with the desire to inspire more innovation and development in the Web3 space.

How did this project start? What was your “aha” moment of realizing that the market needed something like this?

The project itself started a year and a half ago. We originally started as a game developer studio in 2018. We released one mobile game that had been featured on Google Play several times and our team really believed in the future of the metaverse and Web3. We literally went all-in so that we could be an early starter of the industry and the metaverse. We are in preparation for our first test in March, and our metaverse will hold a large number of players online because we believe that metaverse should be a place where people have to interact — to build content, socialize, and share.

So we are gathering lots of people for the “stress test” to check our server capability we have been developing.

Can you share your philosophy and vision for this project?

Vision: We make the key to the new world.

Mission: To imagine freely, create a game that we are proud of, and share it with the world.

Slogan: Space where experience turns into value.

At Mars Labs we believe that the metaverse is the “inevitable future”, and have started development with the vision to make the key to the new world where experience turns into value.

What is the goal of this project?

Our goal is to be a AAA project that encompasses the blockchain ecosystem, including gaming, e-commerce, performances, virtual business, social networking service (SNS), social networking gaming (SNG), and so on. We also want to make a metaverse gaming platform where anyone can approach with ease and not necessarily have to be into crypto. This is why Mars: Metaverse is free to play and built for mobile devices.

What has been your biggest learning about building a product/platform in this space?

We learned that the users are always the key. It has been the center of all products and services for Web2 space but now, web3 is in the midst of expanding its usages and services for mass adoption. Now that more and more companies are building core technologies as well as various applications that are changing people’s lifestyles. So for us, user feedback and what they actually want, how difficult they consider blockchain to be when they use the services, etc and such comments and feedback are crucial and cannot be overlooked.

How is what you are doing in the space different and why is it needed? Why now?

At Mars Labs, we are creating the Mars-themed metaverse gaming platform. The place where people could only imagine to visit and urges to be there as an alternative choice besides the Earth. As game professionals, we are building a metaverse world that has lots of gaming content. You can chat, interact with friends, play sports, draw pictures, be an artist or a camper. Whatever you can imagine. We wanted to stay away from the experience in the metaverse becoming laborsome. So, the distinguished difference is that we are trying to build every aspect of your activities as a game play. For example, you will get rewarded when you play a game but you can also get rewarded for just laying around by the beach. Because every player is unique and important. And all of that together makes up our metaverse ecosystem.

What advice would you give founders?

Keep it up! Lots of opportunities are still out there and need more entrepreneurs like yourselves in this space that just began. Know that you are in the beginning point of this so-called “singularity” and you are a part of important history in technology of what is to come.

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

2023 will be a super exciting year for us and for everyone who is interested in our project. We have several rounds of tests lined up throughout this year where we can share our vision and the actual performing product with everyone and the players will be able to experience Mars: Metaverse first hand. “The First Expedition” to Mars: Metaverse is planned for early March to create and test the environment with real users and this test will give us the opportunity to fine-tune our development moving forward.



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