My Retweet of a 2012 Trump Tweet Convinced My Facebook Friends To Not Vote For Him

As a cis white man, I find myself in a position of great privilege. Thus it is important for me to find ways to influence other people to do good, and to do good myself. As a liberal voter and a three-time tweeter of “#BlackLivesMatter,” I know am a net positive for the world. But is it enough? I hardly think so. In order to reach the coveted McGorry level of allyship, I did some Twitter digging into the nest of the queen bee: Donald Trump.

If you aren’t familiar, Donald Trump is running for President. While you likely know that, what you may not know is that he has said some pretty silly things on Twitter before his career in politics began. Determined to find the most damning one, I spent hours of my Wednesday night scouring his page. After a plethora of demands for Robert Pattinson to break up with Kristen Stewart, and comments on people being fired “like a dog,” I found the holy grail from October 2012:

“I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.”

I have never screenshotted anything faster in my entire life. Within 10 seconds, it was up on my Facebook feed, ready to shock my 319 friends.

What an incredibly horrible thing to say. Not only does Mr. Trump display his disrespect for one of the most profitable American corporations of all time, but this tweet shows a complete ignorance to America. “Never??” He has “never” seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke? I find that hard to believe, Mr. Trump. For a man who deals in business, I am shocked that he has explored so little of our great States to have never seen a sight so common.

When I searched for “Diet Coke Thin” on Google Images, the first page contained multiple pictures of an ad campaign promoted by none other than Taylor Swift, American sweetheart. Whatever you think of her, it’s pretty objective to say Taylor Swift is a thin person. Now, if Mr. Trump is on team Kimye, that’s one thing. But for him to have never watched a television show that featured a Swift commercial for Diet Coke, something nefarious surely is at play. Has he skipped over commercials on his DVR? If so, this shows a clear disregard for American commerce, as well as a sick hatred of the binding force of capitalism. This is another red mark on the horrendous, anti-American campaign that Trump has led. But I digress.

Now, my 319 Facebook friends are all near and dear to my heart. Some come from my family, half of whom live in Vermont, the other half in Portland, where I went to high school. The rest are school friends from Sarah Lawrence. But the important thing is that outside of a couple younger cousins, everybody on my friends list is of voting age. These are people who can be influenced. In one post, I can do the work of a full day of canvassing (note to self: can I put this on my resume as a volunteer position for Clinton 16?)

However, 8 minutes after I posted the horrible tweet, I was despairing. Not a single comment or like, other than my own. But soon after, my hope was restored. The likes trickled in — from my Gender Studies TA, my hemp farmer aunt, and my roommate who was in the room when I posted it. My plan was in motion, and I was changing the tide of the election with one click.

Over the course of the next 12 hours, I saw nine more likes on my page. While there were no comments, this was surely because people were rendered speechless by the audacity of a man vying to be our next commander in chief. I don’t blame them. Sometimes, people can shock you. We can only hope that more people learn of this atrocity and are equally influenced before the election.

(Donald Trump and Taylor Swift were not available for comment)