A Little Life.

Live here. Grow here. Stay here

Have kids here. Succeed here. Fail here.

Welfare. Daycare.

Scrape up bus fare. Taxi fare. Throw five here. Five there.

Do everything there is to be done here.

But why settle here?

What have you learned here?

Stay broke to get ahead here.

Keep them checks below the poverty-line to keep that free health care.

The common-wealth.

A state where you make just enough to stay afloat.

Until that storm comes to flip your paddle boat.

But you were never prepared for such a thing.

Because you parents never taught you a fucking thing.

You just watched them get it and spend it.

Push their credit past the limit.

Grandparents were stingy with it.

Trial and error is the way I’ve learned.

I’ll admit it.

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