Americans did not ask to be flooded with refugees, but they were. We did not ask for millions of illegal immigrants who enter through our Southern Border, but we got them, regardless. What exactly did Obama expect on November 8, 2016 — the fateful day America “insulted him personally” by electing Donald J. Trump to become the 45th President of the United States of America?

I have supported PresidentTrump from the start. And then I spent many days volunteering at his rallies in and around Tampa, FL. Through it all, I knew that a President Trump was inevitable, just as a “draining of the swamp” will beinevitable. Obama is the laziest, racially divisive, cowardly president to ever serve the United States of America, and his administration was run by Sharia-promoting Muslims — he loves hanging out with terrorists organizations such as Black Lives Matter — he had to be not just replaced, but insulted!

Did Obama really think we would forget who we are? We built this modern society with our hands; our forefathers built the Western Civilization — HIS did NOT! And did he think we would let Muslims take down our society? Fortunately, it requires more than 8 years to destroy what we have been building for the last 2,500 years!!! Yes, Europeans/Whites advanced humanity more than any other demographic has! What did Muslims — and Obama advance? (This is a serious question.)

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