Three Amazing Resources for the Modern Student

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Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, which means the more credentials you earn, the more likely you’ll be to land the job of your dreams. Well, in theory anyway.
We all know that education is essential and knowledge is power, but besides the long mornings in bed, the dirt cheap happy hours, and the endless partying, being a student today isn’t easy.

Regrettably, a large source of modern student’s headache (well, besides the shots) comes in the form of cash flow. In fact, the average cost of gaining a university education including fees and living expenses weighs in at a whopping £22,000 per year. That’s a lot of dough.

Not everyone has access to an endless pot of treasure, so if you’re a modern student, it pays to be able to manage your finances and make some money while you study — legitimately, of course.

If you’re a student and you need a little financial boost, these three must-try resources will help…


When you’re a student, budgeting is no breeze; sometimes it can feel like trying to climb Kilimanjaro with your arms and legs duct taped together.

The OrSaveIt app takes a few hours to truly ‘get’ but when you do, the budgeting possibilities are endless.

All you have to do is take a snap of the item or thing you’re saving for (whether it’s study related or otherwise) and every time you are tempted to make an impulse purchase, you can consult the app, look at your photo and make a note of what you managed not to buy. Then, OrSaveIt’s savvy little algorithm will calculate how much you’ve saved by toning down your impulse buys and help you set a monthly budget.

Impulse spending at college or university is a big deal, and OrSaveIt is a great way of helping you avoid temptation and reach your financial goals.

Find My iPhone’ or ‘Where’s My Droid’?

Right, this may not be a money-making or saving platform as such, but, as well know, the combination of long study sessions and hazy nights out can result in your smartphone going missing — and dude, you won’t remember where you left it (if you did, you’d have it in your hand, obviously).

These days, a smartphone is a student’s lifeline and replacing lost handsets can put a major dent in the student budget, but ‘Find my iPhone’ and ‘Where’s My Droid’ are here to help.

Both apps help you locate your phone by harnessing the power of GPS and cloud-based technology; they also allow you to remotely wipe your phone in case you’re worried a ‘finders keepers’ style stranger decides to try and access your precious information.

Go Billions

Go Billions is a financial platform made by young people, for young people.

With articles including everything from how to manage your personal finances right through to investing modest sums of money, plus fun facts and breaking financial news, this is a publication that offers infinite value to the modern day student.

The publication is soon to release an eBook all about helping students with their finances which you can find out about by subscribing to the mailing list. Plus, by reading Go Billions, you’ll be able to gather lots of quirky facts that will come in handy for the pub quiz.

Being a student isn’t easy in today’s world, but use these resources to your advantage, and you’ll be flying high in no time.

Now, stop reading this and get going: don’t you have some studying, eating or drinking or procrastinating to do?

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