A commentary on storytelling

Storytelling has a huge impact in every aspect of society as we know it and we don’t actually realize how much our day to day life is affected by it. What would the world be without story telling? Is it really that big of a deal? How can it affect other aspects apart from entertainment?

The truth is that without story telling we have nothing but flat one- dimensional mechanisms and processes that are uncreative and are inefficient in solving problems. Take for example schools that have adapted storybooks with educational content that is actually better than that of a strict rulebook, for the healthy learning development of the student.

We see another example in advertisement, we see a great shift and a great BOOM in the tendencies in advertising and the impact on society after the introduction of the radio, not because you couldn’t advertise something to so many people before (even though that was a big help) but because back then, for the first time in human history the world was listening. Listening and learning of this new medium through music, radio thrillers and interviewing radio shows. The world was changing and the entertainment industry started to gain influence and earn the trust of millions of people. So the actual big hit in advertisement was that it learned from what the radio had to offer back then, Stories, shows, entertainment, information.

Without story telling we would not only stop pushing the human creative barriers, but actually damage the constant evolving nature of progress.

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