My Grandfather would be deported back to Scotland

I had a realization this week that a lot of us would not be here in the United States if the proposed immigration laws by Trump Administration were in effect in the past.

This is true for my family. You see in today’s world my grandfather who died in 1968 would be sent home to Scotland by ICE. He was a registered alien who could never be a citizen. He was married to a US born citizen but he could not prove when he entered the country.

Does this sound familiar? It is except it was over a 100 years ago. Born in 1885 in Scotland, he came to the US on a clipper or sailing ship as a cabin boy. His father had died and so he left home due to hardship. His ship came around “the horn” to the PNW. From there family legend has him going to the gold fields of the Klondike.

Come early 1900s he married my grandmother who was born in Shelton. The declaration that I found on him states he immigrated from Vancouver BC into Blaine, Washington.

We as kids were told in hush words he fought with a man over cards in Alaska. How he made his way to the Washington State, owned sawmills, was an assayer at Mill and Mine Supply (the maker of the first chainsaws) and ran a corner grocery/gas station with my grandmother. Today, if he had gotten into trouble in the gold fields, he would be sent back to Scotland even though he was a productive contributor to our country.

Some would say that is what he deserves. Before you throw stones or troll me, I wonder if you have stories in your families past where they remade themselves in the wide open days of the past.

Everyone of us came from immigrants except our noble Native Americans. The US is known as the melting pot of the world. If we continue down the road we seem to be on, we will be a closed society. Closed societies wither away in their seclusion. Is that the USA we want for our future generations?

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