NEIEF 2017–2018 Fellows in Adamawa

The North East Intellectual Entrepreneurship Fellowship, whose inauguration commenced this week, is a brilliant and indeed innovative project by the North East Regional Initiative of the United States Aid for International Development, USAID –Nigeria Mission.
The 5 –day session offers numerous opportunities to learn how various ways social media and online presence can be used to reach an array of people, so as to impart and impact on them, the various #Peacebuilding and #Conflict Resolution methods to Counter Violent Extremism, Promote Support for Gender and Social Inclusion, Promote Religious #Tolerance in the #North-East and to Promote Dialogue and #Reintegration in devastated regions of #Adamawa, #Borno and #Yobe states of Northern Nigeria. The horrors of Insurgency and Terrorism in these states cannot be overstated. Every individual personally engaged with in the Inaugural group, has in one way or another been hideously devastated by the dreaded #BokoHaram group, some surprisingly more than others, regardless of their native states being outside the North East region -though unfathomable to some people’s comprehension. As such, #NotAnotherNigerian should have to offer the ultimate sacrifices of life of family, close friends, colleagues or loved ones. Meanwhile the @NEIEFFELLOWS will continue to expand their horizons for 1-year, using facilitated book clubs, capacity building support and the above social media handles and hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and individual blogs to get the word out. The bonds forged here will pay off and for that, we are thankful. /Alaowei A.T.L Da-Cocodia