Is there anything wrong with celebrating Mother’s Day on Social Media. Absolutely NOTHING.

It’s a beautiful day today. Made more beautiful by the celebration of motherhood, happy memories, fun, laughter and quality time spent with our parents. It is Mother’s Day today — A day when we, super busy as we all are, pause and at least give a thought to our ever giving ‘mom.’ The thought does count!

But this beautiful day is being marred by some mocking others for celebrating the Mother’s Day, in the public eye, for posting pictures with/of their mothers on social media. Then there are two diversified streams of philosophies amongst these intellectual critics. One stream asks why DO we need to celebrate Mother’s Day! And the other is more tolerant stream — it only asks why do we need to paste our celebratory mood all over social media! And of course, there are some fence sitters too.

My question is why not celebrate the day and what just what is wrong with posting it on Social Media? For once it is a unanimous feeling that each mother is loved and respected and should be celebrated every day. So, if a particular day is designated as Mothers’ Day and people are showering their love for their mother — Why do others have a problem with it?

When we celebrate a day for someone, it is a beautiful reminder of the special relationship and memories for that someone throughout the day. And I feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating a special day for that person who is so important to us in our lives. In our super busy lives, we often forget or take this love for granted.

Going by the logic of the naysayers, we should not even celebrate any day like Rakhi (Rakhi is a festival for sisters and brothers. It is a sacred thread that sisters in India tie onto their brothers so that they would protect them for the entire life. Then, why eventie rakhi on a particular day because sisters need to be respected every day?), Valentine’s Day or any other day of social importance.

The idea of celebrating a day dedicated to Mothers may be a modern day idea, but it does help us remind of the beautiful relationship and gives us an occasion to celebrate it. The days like these serve to remind and reinforce relationships, and we can choose our own ways and means to express our love and affection.

The second question is of Social media pictures and posts. How can one simply assume that people who are posting selfies/pictures with their mothers, are not helping her out with daily chores, not talking to her, or not taking her out for a walk or a restaurant?

We all love our mothers but through the 365 days how many times we show our gratitude to her. On Mother’s Day, which conveniently falls on a Sunday every year when we can’t feign busyness to even ourselves, at least one day is marked for Moms when we think about them. One day — when even the most prodigal or the dark sheep remembers his/her mother. Mothers also feel cherished and happy that her offsprings give her a thought one day a year at least.

And what is wrong if we celebrate that love and remembrance on social media along with real life celebrations? After all aren’t all our other aches, pains, miseries, joys, successes; our loves and heartbreaks; every sneeze, every cough; our every bite our every drink; in short, our very existence is chronicled on social media; then WHAT IS WRONG in celebrating the most pious most loveable relationship of our lives on this medium?

Personally, I do not subscribe to the idea of merely showing off any emotion on social media if I don’t really care about something. Same applies to Mother’s Day or any other day and all relationships and emotions.

But there is really nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your social sleeve for your mother — at least here there is a surety — Everyone does have a mother! (as against celebrating a fictional girlfriend or fictional material possessions).

So, I request the minority naysayers to keep quiet and let the majority others celebrate their idea of mother and motherhood with fervour.

Happy Mother’s Day to all lovely Moms!

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