Free Lauri Love #TrialAtHome TweetSheet

#FreeLauri #TrialAtHome Tweetsheet

This PasteBin and page LauriLove.Info where created to raise averseness for Lauri’s trial and help those who want to get involved to share information easily. #TrialAtHome is a social media campaign in support of Lauri Love by activists across the globe

We ask EVERYONE who participates in this campaign to share as widely and as loudly as possible.

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The Rhyming Guide to Lauri Love by @PotentWhisper

#TrialAtHome Video

#FreeLauri #TrialAtHome 13 hackers frm the UK were charged w/ hacking US based computer systems & were never extradited then why #FreeLauri @sylviarozina ‘s beautiful piece about Lauri Love and why he should get a #TrialAtHome & not in the US #FreeLauri MSM in the US refuses to cover #FreeLauri ‘s story, but it wont stop people in the US frm demanding a #TrialAtHome 3 men who were charged w/ CFAA took their own life in the past & they faced less time than #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome the US cant treat it’s own prisoners humanely how can the UK prevent #FreeLauri from getting a fair #TrialAtHome Judges reserve judgement in Lauri Love’s appeal to the High Court against his extradition #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome US prisons r not equip to properly treat those with autism & those w/ autism are often spared prison time #FreeLauri Edward Fitzgerald QC told the High Court there were ‘overwhelming reasons of justice & humanity’ for a #TrialAtHome US judges described the detention center #FreeLauri might be held in as ‘unconscionably bad’ demand a #TrialAtHome just because #FreeLauri has autism he will be subjected to unfair and inhumane treatment in US prisons #TrialAtHome “We are trusting in the justice system and trusting in God” — The Reverend Alexander Love #TrialAtHome #FreeLauri #FreeLauri ‘s defense argued tht he was a high risk of suicide & extradition would not be in the interest of justice former director of (DPP) Ken Macdonald says #FreeLauri is being ‘treated unusually’ demand Lauri get a #TrialAtHome

the “mere fact of extradition would cause a serious deterioration in #FreeLauri ‘s mental health” — Mr. Fitzgerald QC the #FreeLauri case will set a precedent for other cases lets make sure the right precedent is set #TrialAtHome

“no one commits suicide on suicide watch” — QC for US Caldwell who apparently hasnt heard of Sandra Bland #FreeLauri Friends and supporters of #FreeLauri gather to show their Love outside the courthouse in support of a #TrialAtHome Mr. Alexander Love brilliantly lays out the injustices in #FreeLauri ‘s case stand up! and demand a #TrialAtHome the US can’t impose their justice system on another country bcz they dont like how they prosecuted a case #FreeLauri he will only get a fair trial if he is tried in the UK if extradited #FreeLauri will nvr see a trial #TrialAtHome