Black Women: Happiness/Motherhood/Space

I know its been said before: WW hate BW winning/happiness. Period.

Beyonce out here posting ONE pic on her account of her kids like she did with Blue Ivy. And the world loses their minds. Of all the shit they could have an issue with in their basic lives, they have an issue of a Black mother showing love for her kid. While they out here doing the most with wack ass gender reveals. Good fucking night. That’s that type of famous where your fans AND haters have something to say. And this is motherhood. I feel I almost want to go back to the days where Black Women had to raise white kids b/c the moms couldn’t “handle” it. And no let’s not talk about The Help from the white savior side. Except if we talk about this one scene:

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We could probably tie it into today as well of how motherhood is viewed between black and white women.

I actually had to hear on the radio of a WW having an issue with naming her kid “Sir” like they ain’t already royalty. Stay in yo lane!!! We gonna open up a whole can of words of white people having an issue with how Black people name their kids when it sounds too ethnic.

I’m realizing again WW will put their gender first before race. One of the reasons Trump was able to win when 52% voted for him and THEN they have the Pink Hat Women’s March. Granted I know its not black and white but there is a clear issue at hand more than pussy grabbing, child flirting small handed cheeto in office.

But I digress.

This is for a woman who has went thru multiple PERSONAL public upsets and has been blessed with three beautiful black babies in America. To be Black and happy and financially secure in this land is a privilege that is not allotted to a lot of us. Us Being Black people. But this is about Black Motherhood herself and what it means to see it shown in such a positive light and represents to our generation.

That’s Black love/solidarity/culture.