From Strangers to Friends to Strangers

I find it amazing that at one time people can be thick as thieves able to talk about anything that a simple convo can lead to so much. Feels like you are one entity.

But then one day it can all be gone and now only one or two words flow and you can visibly notice the drastic change. The kurt responses and ever deafening silence loom over that you try to ignore and wonder how it got so loud. You realize it’s always been there. Laying in wait. It was a slight ringing in your ear. Just white noise. But since words or laughter no longer transpire so it engulfs you. That you wonder if both of you were really friends to begin with that a relationship can so easily torn asunder. And you are trapped in silence in the words left unsaid.

Almost like you met them in reverse starting from a single point and shooting outward in near 45 degree angles. Just enough to see each other in your peripherals drifting a part and see no change in course. When you rotate closer, they rotate the same degree still shooting off into a different Galaxy.

So the journey continues lonesome once more. Not knowing where one will end but still going on. Longing for someone to quell the overbearing silence.