Twitter Fingers

There is something I like about that platform. It requires a delicate conciseness of one’s thoughts that not on other social platforms.

140 characters to speak your statement. Something big mouth Americans need to learn. Especially big powerful cheetos.

I don’t like speaking much. Or more so I like thoughts and words incredibly succinct.

Last time I went in a rant was when I horribly confessed my love for a woman I had feelings for. The feelings I found out were infatuation.

I still like her because she’s still a great person but my younger self was not at all mature enough to communicate properly. Still isn’t.

And that’s horribly unlike me. Though I am a Cancer so we are very emotional. Wanting to express so much and misunderstood at times.

It feels I was born speaking the wrong language or don’t know the proper term limited in English.

You know there are other words solely in other languages that can describe feelings and emotions? I want to utter them and see comprehension

It requires a lot of time and effort to properly communicate one’s message.

Its probably why I love zen stories and philosophy.

It always amazes the universal power of the tales still applies years after they are written. That they apply in any era. A legacy lives on.

So simple yet powerful. Complex but minimal in their nature to understand the world and human nature. Grand life lessons spelled out.

I want to learn to say more by saying less. I feel I need to speak more to speak less. We only learn by doing.

And that has been by Twitter rant via Medium. Poetry performed.

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