I suggest we date other people for a year, so we can see if there’s someone else more compatible for us.
What a breakup feels like.
Tiffany Sun

What’s crazy is that I was just reading a tweet about how girls want to grow with their partne. And guys want to be grown before they settle dow. And that’s the disconnec. And its freaky realizing that’s a reality bc I had the same thinking for awhile. And I listened to Modern Romance by Aziz and watched his show and grew a bit to realize there is nothing better out ther. Its a mystical land of fairy tales.

If you have something good, you grow it and foster i. Not run away after a couple disagreements. And that’s the hard part no one tells you. Y’all not always going to be perfect for one another.

But love isn’t something you put on hiatus to date others. Its a choice because passion runs out which is still scary to think of. I need to talk to old married couples for their wisdom.

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