10 Questions — Behind the Scenes at DPP

Head of IT/Security, Boris Milovanović talks blockchain, development and ducks!

Boris, welcome to the first edition of our “10 Questions” series of blog posts.

Hi, I am very excited about this new project. I’m the primary IT and security pro here at DAPowerPlay. This project presents something new and challenging for me regarding IT infrastructure.

Tell us a little bit about your background? What kind of systems do you have experience with?

In past years, I have covered and had experience in almost every aspect of IT/ICT. From IT operations (corporate IT operations — nowadays better known as “DevOps”) to ICT platforms for business corporations.

I started as a programmer (developer) back during my university days. During this time, I developed part of KERNEL space operating system modules (primary GNU/Linux OS KERNEL). My next step after that was system administration of Linux/HPUX operating systems. As a system administrator, I have worked on high availability services (cluster services, database clusters). I have also implemented services from WEB/MAIL hosting systems through high availability database and service clusters on clustering file systems such as GFS2 and OCFS2 file systems.

From a security perspective, I have implemented a few DDoS detection systems (based on open-source projects). Apart from security detection services, I’ve also implemented layer3/4 firewalls on servers and systems.

Another field I’ve delved into during my professional development is virtualization (open source — KVM and proprietary — VMWare virtualization). In my free time, I’m also a fan of 3D modelling and photorealistic rendering.

Let’s move on to more blockchain related questions. What brought you to blockchain tech?

Simple, challenge of developing real-time and high availability systems (from tech perspective of view). Another aspect is that I think blockchain technology is something that everyone could benefit from — primarily businesses.

Where do you see the blockchain landscape in 5 years? What are the challenges ahead of us?

I think the biggest tech challenge is security, and providing a high availability service with no downtime (or close to zero downtime). In my opinion, blockchain has a very bright future. This technology brings a whole new concept to business, finance, asset management between companies. Blockchain is something that doesn’t really exist now — not in the way it can — so in my opinion, the only acceptable path for this tech is a successful one.

What is your main responsibility at Digital Assets Power Play?

My primary role is security and providing a real-time, high availability platform for our developers. I provide our developers with a secure and robust environment that enables them to do their job more efficiently. In other words — I need to make sure everything just works.

What excites you about the DPP platform?

The potential benefits it could provide for businesses. Also how such a blockchain-based platform could decrease the amount of influence of banks have on business.

Moving on to more personal questions. What are you passionate about?

I love hiking, photography and spending time outdoors. More on the tech-related side, I enjoy designing electronic components and integrating these parts with software (something like intelligent sensors and hardware).

The most important question for a developer — what’s your favourite text editor?

VI. No question. :)

Finally — would you fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

One horse-sized duck. I like to be focused on one thing at a time.