4 Ways To Access DPP DataStreams Today

Take control of the crypto market with a single API

With the official launch of DPP DataStreams, we’d like to provide some more insight into our pricing structure. Especially when considering the utility involved with DPP tokens, we thought a quick overview would be useful to everyone.

Note: This structure will be used for all future DPP services, including DPP Historical, DPP Trader+, DPP TradeVenue, and DPP Coinvestor.

Base pricing structure

To access DPP DataStreams, you first need to register and create a DPP account. The minimum duration for any subscription type (Free, Basic, Professional, Enterprise) is one day. There is no maximum limit to your subscription duration.

Due to the high volatility of crypto markets, we have set our base price in USD. Payments for DPP DataStreams are currently accepted in DPP tokens and ETH. For payments in DPP tokens and ETH, we calculate a SPOT price after receiving payment to the predefined ERC-20 wallets.

There are a few reasons why we decided to accept payments in ETH as well as DPP:

  • This speeds up the process of accessing DPP DataStreams
  • We are further incentivizing all payments made in DPP with a 15% bonus, as stated in our full announcement.
  • All payments made in ETH will be traded into DPP in the same amount, on exchanges where DPP is listed. This makes a push on the buy side of DPP.

SPOT conversion

Payments are completed on the blockchain and this allows us to automatically provide access to DPP DataStreams upon receiving payment. This is calculated to a specific number of seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

Upon receiving payment to the provided wallet address, a SPOT price will be defined as a volume weighted average index price of ETH/USD across all exchanges where we are collecting data, and the global quote price of DPP/ETH. The quote price will either be a buy or sell side price depending on which currency the payment has been received in, with an added overhead accounting for order book market volatility. Initially, overhead cost will be fixed at 3.5%. Payments made in DPP will receive a 15% bonus.

Payments received in DPP will calculate the SPOT price in USD by using:

  • BUY side: DPP/ETH global order book quote
  • ETH/USD index price
  • Order book overhead 3.5%
  • A 15% bonus for payments in DPP

Payments received in ETH will calculate the SPOT price in USD by using:

  • SELL side DPP/ETH global order book quote
  • ETH/USD index price
  • Order book overhead 3.5%

Four service types


A limited version of DPP DataStreams is automatically available to all registered DPP users, free of charge.

BASIC — starting from $1.70/day:

Bonuses will be provided for payments made in DPP and/or based on the selected duration of the subscription. Without bonuses, the base price starts at $1.70/day.

PROFESSIONAL — starting from $12.78/day:

Bonuses in DPP tokens will be provided for payments made in DPP and/or based on the selected duration of the subscription. Without bonuses, the base price starts at $12.78/day. Please contact our sales team for all customisable features that are available with the Professional subscription (such as News & Sentiment).


The Enterprise subscription covers all markets available (currently 18,534+) and is fully customisable. Pricing is determined by specific feature sets, configuration of dedicated private-cloud environments, and SLA. For a pricing quote, please contact our sales team and one of our representatives get in touch with you shortly.

DPP token bonuses

All DPP DataStreams users are provided with the following bonuses:

  • A bonus based on the subscription duration:
    Users will receive a 1.5% bonus for every 30 days of subscription to the Basic, Professional, or Enterprise service. For example, subscribing to 91 days will yield a bonus of 4.5%, while a 90-day subscription will yield a 3% bonus.
  • A bonus of 15% for any payments made in DPP tokens.

How do I purchase DPP tokens?

One can purchase DPP tokens from the exchanges or directly with a credit card. DPP tokens are currently listed on the following exchanges: LATOKEN, Tokens.net, Cryptopia, and Radar Relay. DPP tokens can also be purchased with a Visa or Mastercard on Indacoin.

An organic pricing model

An interactive pricing slider will be used to define the price and duration of your DPP DataStreams subscription. This flexible and organic pricing model will adjust to any potential price inflation of DPP tokens. We believe this is pricing model fit for the crypto industry, giving users total transparency and control. For a detailed description of each service type, visit our Services page.

An organic pricing model

Following the selection of your subscription duration, you will receive a wallet address where you can complete the transaction in DPP or ETH. After receiving the payment, your subscription will be automatically activated.

Please note: If payment is received for a subscription with a duration of less than one day, the purchase will be void, and the funds will automatically remain on our wallet.

A recap of the payment process for DPP DataStreams

A recap of the payment process:

  • Step 1. Register your DPP account.
  • Step 2. Select a DPP DataStreams subscription.
  • Step 3. Select the duration of your subscription.
  • Step 4. Complete your transaction using the provided wallet address.
  • Step 5. Your subscription is automatically activated. You’re ready to use DPP DataStreams!

Please note: We strongly recommend setting up client for receiving data streams before executing any payments. You can also find clients for different programming languages (Python, Java, JavaScript, and ) on our GitHub page.

With DPP tokens we are truly providing a real life utility for the for our cryptocurrency. In the near future DPP tokens will also provide utility for service-specific features and a payment method for third party libraries or algorithmic strategies. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining economy across all five DPP services that will be developed around DPP tokens.

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and join our Telegram group to get the latest news and updates. We’re looking forward to sharing more information with you very soon!