Adding Bitstamp to the DPP Platform

In order to create strategies and begin trading with the DPP Platform, you will need to complete the onboarding process which consists of adding a wallet and at least one exchange (using an API key).

This guide is designed to help registered users add exchanges using API keys. If you have not created your DPP Platform account yet, please register here and come back to this guide if you need help adding Bitstamp exchange.

Adding an API Key from Bitstamp

To add Bitstamp exchange, you will have to use the API key generated with your Bitstamp account.

What is an exchange API Key?

API keys are unique IDs that enable automated trading using your account on a specific exchange. When using an API key, you are not sharing any personal account information (e.g. username or password). This ensures that any digital assets you may have on your exchange account remain secure.

Generating an API key on Bitstamp

Step 1: Log-in to your Bitstamp account

Step 2: Open Account settings and click API Access from the Security tab.

Step 3: Click on New API Key to open API Key settings

On this page, you can set what permissions your API key will have on the DPP Platform. In order for the API key to properly function on the DPP Platform you will need to enable the following permissions:

General permissions:
1. User transactions

1. Open orders
2. Cancel orders
3. Buy limit/market orders
4. Sell limit/market orders

Everything else should be left blank.

Please note: To ensure maximum security of your digital assets, we do not recommend enabling permissions for Withdrawal and Liquidation.

Step 4: Generate API key and Secret Key

You will need to enter a 6-digit 2FA authentication code to generate your API Key and Exchange Secret Key.

Step 5: Log into the DPP Platform and select Account overview >My Exchanges > Add Exchange

You can find more guides for adding API keys from different exchanges on our Medium page.