Adding Tokens exchange to the DPP Platform

To create strategies and begin trading on the DPP Platform, you will need to complete the onboarding process which consists of adding a wallet and at least one exchange (using an API key).

This guide is designed to help registered users add exchanges using API keys. If you have not created your DPP Platform account yet, please register here and come back to this guide if you need help adding Tokens exchange.

Adding an API Key from ­­­­­­­Tokens

What is an exchange API Key?

Generating an API key on Tokens

Step 2:
Open Account settings in the navigation bar and click on API Access.

Step 3: Click on the New API Key to open API Key settings.

Step 4: Log into the DPP Platform and select Account overview >My Exchanges> Add Exchange.

You can find more guides for adding API keys from different exchanges on our Medium page.

The future of crypto trading is algorithmic.

The future of crypto trading is algorithmic.