Become a better trader with the DPP Platform’s Strategy Templates

5 strategies that can enhance your crypto trading

Our goal with the has always been to empower anyone to trade like a pro by making algorithmic trading and algorithmic strategy creation intuitive and accessible. With the drag and drop algorithmic strategy creator, the DPP Platform can make crypto trading more attractive to new adopters and allow them to discover advanced trading methods that provide real results. Additionally, seasoned traders can get the most out of the DPP Platform due to its incredible versatility, enabling them to focus on what they do best — discovering new trading opportunities.

To make the DPP Platform as approachable as possible we decided to implement Strategy Templates. Strategy templates are ready-to-use strategies that are great for new crypto traders or those just looking to jump in and try strategy creation. Whether you’re a day trader or still trying to figure out what “arbitrage” means, strategy templates are the perfect way to try the DPP Platform and discover the power of algorithmic trading in crypto.

We will have five templates available at launch with many more coming later. Strategy Templates can be accessed via the navigation bar through New strategy > Strategy templates. The four templates that will be available at launch are Market Making, EMA Crossover, Smart Order Routing, and Arbitrage. No idea what any of those terms mean? No worries! Each template will come with a description and video tutorial, explaining the purpose of the strategy, how it works, how to use it, and how you can customize it to fit your needs.

Example of the Market Making strategy template in action — connected to Bittrex for BTC/USD

Market Making

This strategy template evaluates bid/ask spreads and selects one of two scenarios based on the value of the spread strategy. If the spread is greater than a certain value (as defined in the strategy), it places limit orders in front of the current bid/ask orders to narrow the spread. If a minimum spread value (defined in the strategy) is reached, the strategy stops narrowing the spread and starts placing limit orders at the current bid/ask value. For both scenarios, the Market Making Strategy will try to make a profit from based on the differences between the bid/ask prices.

EMA Crossover

Moving average cross is one of the most commonly used signals in technical analysis. The EMA Crossover Strategy executes buys on upwards and sells on downwards cross between two different exponential moving averages. EMA values can be set by the user. To define the cross, the strategy uses the current EMA value and one previous historical EMA value. If the historical value of the first EMA is lower than historic value of the second EMA and the current value of the first EMA is higher than the current value of second EMA, the outcome is an upwards cross. The opposite results in a downwards cross.

Because the moving average cross is a common trend-following strategy, we integrated a Bitcoin sentiment condition as an additional input for the Order Decision Node. For example, the Sentiment Node can overrule upwards cross signals and the strategy will not execute a buy if Bitcoin sentiment isn’t positive.

Smart Order Routing

The goal of smart order routing is to find the best prices for executing trades and taking advantage of the opportunities across a range of exchanges. The SOR Strategy monitors order books from three different exchanges and uses RSI (Relative Strength Signal) as a trade signal. This strategy is designed to identify the best price between three exchanges and execute buy/sell orders. Any number of exchanges can be used with the SOR Strategy, adding a new exchange is just a click away.


This strategy makes simultaneous buy and sell orders for a selected digital asset pair (i.e BTC/ETH or BTC/USD). Its goal is to profit from price differences between two chosen exchanges. The Arbitrage Strategy continuously evaluates bid/ask differences between two exchanges and when an opportunity arises (price difference is greater than the value defined in the strategy), it automatically initiates two simultaneous trades (one buy and one sell) on the two exchanges. This strategy template can be used to take advantage of market inefficiencies between exchanges.

ETF 5 Crypto

With the ETF 5 Crypto strategy template, users can easily reuse, replicate, or extend a 5 crypto index (consisting of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash). This template acts as an strategy.

This strategy automatically rebalances positions pending on the trading volume weighted average price in a 24-hour window (for a select digital asset). Increased volumes of the traded digital assets are usually driven by the demand side, therefore usually coinciding with an upward movement of the price. Provided, ETF 5 Crypto will automatically adjust positions according to the volume weight and skew position following the market growth of the digital asset. Using the ETF 5 Crypto template, anyone can create their own ETF like strategy.

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