DPP DataStreams, Scalability, Pricing and more

Developer Update — October 10, 2018

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It’s been an incredibly eventful month. After a successful test period during early access, we were proud to bring you the launch of DPP DataStreams. We want to thank everyone who participated during early access, your feedback and cooperation were extremely valuable towards ensuring a smooth and successful launch for DPP DataStreams. It was a huge step for us and the future of algorithmic crypto trading.

Recent milestones and updates

We want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the great strides we’ve made during the past month. The commercial launch of DataStreams was our primary focus as of late, but it brought with it some notable advances for the entire DPP infrastructure. Since the early access started, tremendous effort was put into scaling the entire platform, improving the DevOps process and deploying DataStreams for enterprise-grade availability.

The DPP roadmap

These were all critical milestones, not only for DPP DataStreams, but all of our future services as well — DPP Historical, DPP Trader+, DPP TradeVenue, DPP Coinvestor. Here are some of the notable updates we’ve made:

  • Official launch of DPP DataStreams:
    The leading crypto market data provider is here. After thorough testing we have moved DPP DataStreams from dev and test environments into a production environment, ensuring enterprise-grade availability. In other words, DPP DataStreams has officially launched! You can find more details on our website. Register and subscribe to DPP DataStreams now!
  • Scaling market data collection, analysis, processing and streaming: 
    We have scaled data collection and processing from 28 exchanges and approx. 3,500 markets to over 100 exchanges and more than 19,534 markets. This is an amazing achievement, as we’re now collecting over 205 million data updates/day or an average of 2,384 data updates/second.
  • DPP DataStreams subscription types and pricing
    DataStreams is offered across four versatile subscription types (Free, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise). More details about pricing can be found in our last blog post and on our website. Payment is currently available in DPP tokens and ETH, with payments in ETH resulting in a market buy of DPP tokens.
  • Payments accepted in DPP tokens: 
    DPP tokens can be used to access DPP DataStreams. Customers will also have the added benefit of an additional 15% bonus for all payments made in DPP Tokens. This creates an immediate real-world utility for DPP tokens.
  • Market Overview page:
    We have implemented the DPP Market Overview page. This offers a user-friendly method to search different DataStreams, pricing trends, news, sentiment, and charting.
  • Scaling News and Sentiment:
    Our news and sentiment gathering solution has been scaled to 100 cryptocurrencies. Additional custom queries are available on demand.
  • Website update
    Check out our new website!
  • Scaling storage:
    As we continue to collect and process terabytes of raw data per month, we have scaled our storage capacity to handle much larger quantities of data.
Visit our Github page
  • GitHub open to developers and traders:
    Our GitHub repositories are now open and include clients written in Node.js, Python, Java, Typescript, and .NET for connecting to DPP DataStreams. We encourage the community to start adding libraries, locating bugs or hard forking existing libraries. This will all be rewarded through our bug bounty program. More details on the bug bounty program will be provided at a later time.

In recent months we have set the pace for the future. Now, we look forward to delivering our remaining services within the timeframe defined by our roadmap. Our team continues to work hard to ensure we create the best possible algotrading services that will enhance your crypto trading experience and help you take control of the crypto market.

We value your feedback!

Let us know what you think of DPP DataStreams! Are there additional features you would like to see added to DataStreams or future services? Tell us on Twitter or reach out at contact@dapowerplay.com.

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