DPP partners with Croatia’s first crypto brokerage

Digital Assets Power Play is pleased to announce a new partnership with Electrocoin and its Bitcoin Mjenjačnica service— Croatia’s first cryptocurrency brokerage. Electrocoin was founded in 2014, enabling the Croatian crypto-community to buy and sell Bitcoin using local bank transfers.

“Today, Electrocoin provides clients with a platform where they can easily buy and sell more than 25 different cryptocurrencies at favourable rates using their bank account. DPP tokens are now available along with several other ERC-20 cryptocurrencies,” says Electrocoin CEO Nikola Škorić.

We’re working closely with Electrocoin as they integrate DPP DataStreams. As the first successful ICO in Croatia, it was only fitting for DPP to officially forge a working relationship with Croatia’s first crypto brokerage.

“Through the power of DataStreams, Electrocoin is able to scout crypto markets for the best possible FX rates from over 100 exchanges and trade venues. With access to such market data, Bitcoin-Mjenjačnica is able to offer the best market rates to its clients,” says DPP CEO Matej Ujevic.

Our teams have maintained a close working relationship since 2015, sharing our knowledge of the crypto space and supporting each other in business development. DPP CTO Nikola Jokic and Electrocoin CEO Nikola Skoric are also co-founders of UBiK, the Croatian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association.

Leading up to our ICO in September 2017, DPP provided the necessary push for Electrocoin to list ETH, making the cryptocurrency more accessible for local ICO supporters. As we continued to work together, the idea of ERC-20 token support was born. At this time, Electrocoin’s Bitcoin Mjenjačnica supports several coins including DPP, Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, Stellar, Zcash, 0x and more.

We look forward to many years of cooperation with Electrocoin as we continue to develop our platforms and influence the evolution of blockchain in Croatia and beyond.