How to onboard exchanges to the DPP Platform

A guide to adding exchanges

This guide is designed to show users how to add exchanges. To start using the DPP Platform and all of its features, you must complete the onboarding process after signing in.

The onboarding process consists of:
1. Adding a private wallet
2. Adding one or more exchanges (read on)

If you have not yet created your DPP Platform account or onboarded your private wallet, please register here and read the Wallet Onboarding guide. You must create an account and complete Step 1 before moving on to Step 2 (add exchanges).

If you have already onboarded your private wallet, read on to learn how to add exchanges.

How to add exchanges to the DPP Platform

When adding exchanges, you will be required to generate an API Key and Secret Key on your exchange account. For example, if you want to add Binance to the DPP Platform, you must log-in to your account on Binance and generate an API and Secret key. This allows us to verify and connect your exchange account to your DPP Platform account. All supported exchanges have this feature available.

Because this process varies for each exchange, we prepared individual guides on how to add each of the exchanges supported by the DPP Platform.

Select the exchange you want to add and follow the instructions:

NOTE: We will continue adding support for new exchanges in the future. Guides for new exchanges will also be posted.

If you have any further questions or require support, please send a support request or contact us directly at

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