Introducing DPP DataStreams

The market-leading crypto data provider is available now

Introducing… DPP DataStreams.

We’re proud to announce the commercial launch of DPP DataStreams. DataStreams, the first of our five crypto trading services, will combine to create the DPP platform ecosystem. DataStreams connects to our market-leading API, providing access to consolidated and reliable crypto market data — All the data you need to take control of the crypto market. Register here and get DPP DataStreams today!

Our mission has always been to empower crypto traders — turning novice traders into pros and seasoned traders into experts. But to achieve this goal, we quickly recognized that the only way to truly improve the crypto trading process was to make crypto trading more accessible and versatile.

In today’s crypto market, data has become the most valuable commodity for traders. It’s more valuable than any Bitcoin, Ethereum or altcoin because without reliable and consolidated market data you cannot trade effectively. Providing timely and vast quantities of data is crucial for algo trading and crypto trading in general. In such a high volatility market, opportunities and market directions can only be determined with fast and reliable data streams.

One API with all the crypto data you need

Receiving live and processed market data, finding correlations, and discovering trading opportunities has never been easier. Through a single API connectivity, users will gain access to a variety of consolidated and processed crypto data. DataStreams provides access to:

  • Real-time Trades/Ticks
  • Real-time L1/L2 Order Book
  • Candles
  • Technical Indicators
  • Indices
  • AI Predictive Models
  • News
  • Sentiment

It’s all in the numbers

As a market leading crypto data provider, we take pride in offering the most reliable and in-depth data on the market. DataStreams will also provide customized customer support by integrating a CRM system for our entire user base.

It’s all in the numbers

Such a breadth of features creates large amounts of data messages. DataStreams is currently producing an average of 2,384 market data updates per/second, allowing users to track every corner of the crypto market.

Speed is of the essence for algo trading strategies. In order to accommodate this request, we built our own enterprise-grade private cloud infrastructure based on our own networking and hardware, thereby enabling the shortest network delays possible.

How can I benefit from using DPP DataStreams

  • Algorithmic trading:
    Base your algorithmic trading (proprietary, third party and non-descript, and portfolio risk management) on our enterprise-grade market data streams. You can use DPP DataStreams for your arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, market making, liquidity provision or trend following strategies.
  • Data streams for third-party applications:
    You’re building a crypto app, but require simple access to crypto market data across exchanges, social media and standard media. Connect to DataStreams and let us take care of the rest.
  • Big data analysis:
    Build your own historical market database. Stored market data can be used for backtesting, data analysis, discovering patterns, quant analysis or designing AI predictive models. Soon, you’ll have terabytes of data to analyze.
  • Crypto portfolio valuation:
    Evaluate your crypto portfolio or third-party crypto portfolios in real time through a single API connection.
  • Exchange rate:
    Providing spot exchange rates as a volume-weighted average across all currencies or pairs.
  • Charting:
    Quickly setup charts for crypto markets by importing live candle streams into your charting tools.

With DPP DataStreams, users have access to several real-world applications. If you have any ideas or proposals about how DataStreams can help you or your business, contact our team today.

DPP DataStreams is available now!

Customers can choose from four subscription types for DPP DataStreams. Free, Basic, and Professional subscriptions are defined by the number of markets they cover, the number of concurrent connections available, and the level of support that’s available to the user. Visit our website for more details about pricing.

With the Enterprise subscription, our aim is to fulfill your business requirements and offer users full customizability. The Enterprise subscription also provides custom features over a separate, private cloud infrastructure. The DataStreams Enterprise service also allows for full customization of features, including but not limited to:

  • Markets: Users will have access to all available markets with trades, quotes, L2 order books and candles.
  • Technical Indicators: 100+ technical indicators with custom attributes. (i.e. for MACD you can predefine your own attributes)
  • Indices: Custom indices based on specific industries, volatility, or simple spot markets.
  • Candles: Custom time periods and markets.
  • News and Sentiment: Custom queries per request across both social and standard media outlets.
  • Connections: An unlimited number of connections. Custom network VPN’s can be setup in order to further improve speed of data delivery.
  • Support: Standardised and custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) available.

Click here for more details about the Enterprise level service.

Community, GitHub and Bug Bounty

We have developed clients in several programing languages. Python, Node.js, .NET, Typescript and Java and will continue to expand clients and libraries with new functionalities. We also have plans to implement a bug bounty program in the near future. Please visit our GitHub page for more details. We will continue to make updates and add more clients in the future. If you have any requests, let us know via email or in our Telegram group.

Thank you to our community and everyone who has supported us in making this launch possible. We look forward to the future of DPP DataStreams and the entire DPP platform. We hope you’ll join us on our journey and together we can help bring crypto trading into a new age.

For a more detailed look at pricing for DPP DataStreams, stay tuned for our next blog post and visit our Services page. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and join our Telegram group to get the latest news and updates. We’re looking forward to sharing more information with you very soon!