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The future of crypto trading is algorithmic

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May 8 · 7 min read

Today, we are extremely proud to announce the official commercial launch of the DPP Platform. You can create an account and start trading today!

When our journey began, we knew that crypto trading needed to be smarter, easier, and more accessible to everyone. At Digital Assets Power Play we strongly believe that automated algorithmic trading is the gold standard for all crypto traders and the key to bringing crypto trading into the hands of the mainstream. The DPP Platform was born out of this idea, with the goal to empower anyone to trade crypto like a pro.

The DPP Platform is a scalable service designed to improve the crypto trading user experience, enhance crypto trading processes, and most importantly make automated algorithmic trading accessible to anyone who owns digital assets.

Arbitrage strategy template

To achieve this, we needed to make algorithmic strategy creation easy-to-use and understand for both professionals and newcomers alike. Doing so would help us create a platform where novice traders could improve while giving seasoned traders the tools they need in order to create automated strategies and discover new trading opportunities across the crypto markets.

Until now, algorithmic trading methods have been reserved for those who possess the programming knowledge and investing experience necessary to design complex strategies. Now with the DPP Platform, advanced trading tools are user-friendly and easy to learn, thanks to our simple drag-and-drop user interface. From simple to complex strategies, strategy templates and tutorials will be available to all users.

ETF Crypto 5 strategy template

Take control of the crypto market

For those who are here for the first time, let’s catch you up! The DPP Platform is a powerful algorithmic trading service bringing advanced automated trading tools to the crypto space while making them accessible and user-friendly for anyone. All of this is made possible through the platform’s strategy creator which provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface where you can create, backtest, forward test, and run multiple trading strategies across several exchanges. The DPP Platform is built on top of our prosumer data streaming and historical data services (DPP DataStreams and DPP Historical) providing us with the infrastructure we need to add support for additional exchanges, markets, and features.

At launch, the DPP Platform will support five exchanges: Binance, Bitstamp, Bitrex, HitBTC, and Tokens. Support for additional exchanges will come post-launch with plans to integrate over 85 exchanges and 14,900 markets which will all be available for creating automated algorithmic strategies.

With such comprehensive access to the crypto markets paired with the power of the DPP Platform, anyone can gain the ability to create advanced algorithmic strategies for arbitrage, market making, technical analysis, smart order routing, charting patterns, crypto index tracking, and much more. Users can also design custom trading bots and technical signals to seize trading opportunities across the markets.

A winning strategy

Crypto trading can be drastically improved through the power of algorithmic trading and strategy creation. Through great UX design, innovative features, and versatility, the DPP Platform can enhance the crypto trading experience for everyone. Strategy creation and advanced trading tools are accessible, intuitive, and easy to understand with guides and video tutorials coming soon.

For those who are just starting their algorithmic crypto trading journey we have prepared something new and innovative, which will help ease the transition towards becoming a skilled trader:

  1. We want to nurture a community where knowledge is shared and distributed freely. For launch, we have prepared five strategy templates that anyone can modify and use as they like. Post-launch we will regularly announce which strategy templates are currently creating alpha. This way anyone can seize the trading opportunities as they occur — a truly distributed system.
  2. To learn more and brush up on your trading skills, unlimited forward testing will be available to all who register for the DPP Platform (this requires a minimum deposit of 1 DPP to verify your account). The Forward Testing feature will allow you to test your strategies completely risk-free by simulating how they will perform on exchanges before ever deploying them into the real world. We think this is going to be a really popular feature with many users. Forward testing is a great way for new traders to test the waters by learning how to create strategies, and analyzing how the markets work and react to certain strategies.
  3. Register now for a chance to get 500 DPP. The first 2,000 registered users (who also complete the onboarding process) will receive 500 DPP to help them get started and create their first live algorithmic trading strategies. Upon registration and completion of the onboarding process, this amount will be credited directly to the user’s Platform Wallet. These 500 DPP can only be used to run live strategies and cannot be withdrawn.

Become a better trader with the DPP Platform

To make advanced strategy creation as approachable as possible we emphasized accessibility by using the drag-and-drop system for the strategy creator. When it comes to ease-of-use, designing an attractive UI and smooth UX is paramount and something that we believe has been missing in the crypto space for far too long. As the DPP Platform continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to providing future updates that will further enhance our UI and UX experience.

Algorithmic trading in the right hands is an extremely powerful tool. But before you set out on creating your first winning strategies, you might want to familiarize yourself with how strategy creation works. To make this as easy as possible, we implemented Strategy Templates. Strategy templates are ready-to-use strategies that are great for new crypto traders or those just looking to jump in and try strategy creation. Whether you’re a day trader or still trying to figure out what “arbitrage” means, strategy templates are the perfect way to try the DPP Platform and discover the power of algorithmic trading in crypto.

EMA Crossover strategy template

Five templates are available at launch with many more coming soon. Strategy Templates can be accessed via the navigation bar by clicking Platform > Open strategy template. The five templates available at launch are Market Making, ETF Crypto 5, EMA Crossover, Smart Order Routing, and Arbitrage. Each template will come with a description and video tutorial, explaining the purpose of the strategy, how it works, how to use it, and how you can customize it to fit your needs.


DPP Platform users are required to hold a certain number of DPP on their account to run strategies. The amount of DPP on your balance will determine your user type and your trading fee. You can easily purchase DPP Tokens on Uniswap and Tokens exchange.

Rewards and Referral Program

The first 2,000 registered users who complete the wallet onboarding process and add at least one exchange, will receive 500 DPP which will be deposited directly to their Platform Wallet.

Additionally, all registered DPP platform users have the ability to earn a referral bonus. Referral bonuses and platform fees vary depending on whether you are an ICO investor, early access user, or a standard user.

Users who have onboarded their private wallet can start earning fees immediately. In order to receive a referral bonus, you need to generate your unique referral link and share it. The referral link can only be generated through your profile account page. When the link is shared and a new user registers for the platform via your referral link, you will receive a 30% bonus each time a trade is made by any user who registers using your link. Your referral bonus amount will be automatically credited to your Platform Wallet. You are free to share the link anywhere and as many times as you want.

Updates coming soon

This is just the beginning. We have several updates planned that are coming throughout the year. In a future blog post, we’ll provide more details for our plans to add a portfolio dashboard which will serve as your personal hub and homepage when you log into the DPP Platform. Additionally, you can expect regular updates with new strategy templates and improvements to the UI and overall user experience.

Exciting times ahead

We want to thank all of our investors, partners, and community members for supporting us from the beginning. Special thanks to all of the passionate beta participants who provided great feedback and helped ensure a smooth and productive beta.

Post-launch, we will continue adding new content and guides for creating strategies and taking advantage of the most powerful tools and features the DPP Platform has to offer. Stay tuned for tutorial videos, live streams, demos, blogs, and more. As always, keep it locked on DPP for the latest on algorithmic crypto trading and the DPP Platform.

Create your DPP account today! DPP Tokens are available on Uniswap and Tokens exchange. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and join our Telegram group to get the latest news and updates.

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The future of crypto trading is algorithmic.

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