Shift Money 2018 Recap

Thank you to all the Shift Money organizers and Ivan Burazin, the mastermind behind this event, for welcoming us to one of the best fintech conferences in the region. This year’s Shift Money staged some insightful and thought-provoking talks ranging from guests such as Dash, Deloitte, Everbloom, Ripple, IBM and more.

We were proud to take the stage with Helen Joyce (the Economist Finance Editor) and Gorazd Ocvirk (Director of the Deloitte Blockchain Innovation Lab) for a discussion on raising capital in fintech. If you missed our panel, you can watch it here.

After two days filled with a variety of topics and discussions, it’s more clear than ever that reliable and consolidated crypto data is in high demand. Data has quickly become the most valuable commodity in today’s volatile digital assets market. What’s more, the rate at which interest and implementation of blockchain is spreading across industries is unprecedented. Gone are the days where conferences like this were dominated by startups or ICOs. It’s a great sign that the blockchain and crypto space is maturing.

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