Split Report

Split, Croatia — Blockchain meetup update

The distributed economy members are popping up in the most unusual places. This time, the place was a blockchain meetup being held in Split, Croatia. Over 60 people have attended meetup, including government officials, lawyers, traders, developers, miners, google employees, and general audience first time hearing about blockchain. At the same time the biggest party on Mediterranean, Ultra Europe, was just starting with more than 50.000 party people attending — as such we were surprised by the numbers at the meetup. Valuable contacts were made, useful information exchanged and the Da Power Play community grew.

Even though we were contacted on short notice we were given a prime timeslot for presentation, focusing on platform services to be provided, token utilisation and ICO process. Presentation was received with massive interest from all of the audience, with questions raised about platform services, ability to deploy strategies and earning of fees and profit sharing through Public and Strategy Wallets. Great interest was also expressed in upcoming ICO with numerous questions raised about process and investment into ICO.

Our presentation was followed by a lunyr.com by Marina Matijaca presentation and smart contract development held by Kristijan Ujević.

Following presentations we have engaged with community, and received great buzz and excitement, as local community was eager to participate in ICO process and start using and engaging with platform, participating in distributed economy. Many great ideas for distributed economy have been heard and discussed, especially from government employees — we’re looking forward to see their projects and share our knowledge and help with achieving their goals. But, the biggest surprise was to be heard from day traders that were excited to hear news about Da Power Play platform.

Split has proven to be centre of Croatian blockchain economy — with a local exchange (BitKonan) , wide community of developers and general public awareness, we will be returning to Split soon.

We’re flying to CoinAgenda in a few minutes… hours… we just got delayed. Bummer. See you in Barcelona soon, greetings from Zagreb Airport!

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