Summary of the DPP AMA

Via on August 28, 2018

If you missed our Telegram AMA, hosted by, here’s a brief summary of the entire discussion. Stay tuned for an announcement for our next AMA.

Q1: Tell us about DataStreams; what kind of feedback you are getting? How can we test it out?

A (Dino): We’ve been getting some solid feedback from the community. And we are excited to get even more detailed feedback! We’ll be providing a method for this on our “Contact Us” page following our website update. More details on this very soon!

A (Matej): Feedback and updates from the community are much appreciated. You can register for a free DPP DataStream service on the following link:

Q2: DPP DataStreams is first in the product line intended for crypto traders. Can you explain the basic idea of algo trading and how it helps rookie traders? How does DataStreams come into it?

A (Nikola): Well, the basis for any trading is information — without timely and accurate information you cannot trade efficiently. Collecting and processing information is hard and computationally expensive.

A (Matej): DPP DataStreams is not intended for the rookies, per se. It is intended for the seasoned, more advanced traders and institutions. DataStreams is a first pillar, and forms the necessary inputs for the algo trading platform.

As Nikola has mentioned, without real time information across crypto markets, algo traders will not be able to make timely decisions.
As with rookie algo traders, by extracting data collection, data processing, setting environments and providing tools for an easy algo strategy design we will simplify the whole process and provide them with same tools and services as professional traders.
DataStreams is a basis for all other services. Traders need simple and accurate access across crypto exchanges and related trading data (candles, OB, technical indicators), crypto news and sentiment. DPP DataStreams will be followed by our next service pillar, DPP Historical and DPP Trader.

A (Dino): We mentioned that DPP DataStreams will take some technical knowledge to use, but the rest of our services have a much lower entry level where users won’t need to have any prior programming knowledge (or even any particular technical knowledge) to use. DPP Trader will be the first of these services. It will not only allow users to create complex algo strategies with ease, but it will also utilize the power of DPP DataStreams and DPP Historical.

Q3: What are DPP Historical and DPP Trader all about?

A (Dino): DPP Historical allows users to connect to a consolidated, normalised, and queryable database of historical crypto data using our API. It gives access to over 25 exchanges and 3,800 markets across any timeframe. We will provide access to even more exchanges over time.

DPP Trader: We consider this our flagship service. Trader is a revolutionary algorithmic crypto trading platform. Users will be able to design, backtest, and deploy strategies and route trades to any exchange or to DPP TradeVenue using a single, intuitive, user-friendly interface. You can test and deploy algorithmic trading strategies without any prior programming knowledge. We believe this is crypto trading the way it was always meant to be. :D

A (Matej): DPP Historical can be used to backtest algo strategies, analyze data and find patterns or develop your own AI models.

A (Dino): Using DPP Trader, algorithmic trading strategies can be created with a simple and intuitive drag and drop tool. We’ll be sharing more details on DPP Trader at a later date. We can’t wait to show you more!

And yes, there will be a beta, as shown on our roadmap! :)

Q4: DPP DataStreams and DPP Historical sounds similar to what CMC recently announced, how would you say you differentiate yourself?

A (Matej): With our services and tools we are aiming to provide a one-stop shop for algo traders, removing the complexities of developing such an extensive platform, whilst providing high levels of security and service availability.

We will cover the same breadth of exchanges and markets as CMC. Unlike CMC we will provide LIVE market trades, without any limits on the number of calls, followed by AI predictive models.

A (Nikola): We’re going further than just market data — on DPP streams one can work with news and sentiment data, different technical indicators and indices. Raw data is one thing, but from processed and analysed data you can get an advantage.

Q5: What differentiates your market overview compared to CMC?

A (Daniel): In a nutshell — more data. In an addition to trade data for each market, we are analyzing data and providing users with candles, technical indicators and most importantly, news and sentiment.

Right now, the DPP team is focused on providing more users with access to the DPP DataStreams beta, the full launch of DPP DataStreams and the upcoming beta and full release of DPP Historical. We’ll provide a comprehensive blog posts on each of these services in the coming weeks.

Look out for a blog post covering everything you need to know about DPP DataStreams very soon!

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