We Have a History…

Digital Assets Power Play team attending a shareholder meeting in December 2015. From left to right, Milovan Pasini, Nikola Jokic, Matej Ujevic, and Sasa Hunjak

Like all great ideas at the beginning our’s was picked out of thousands of bad ones until we found the most absurd one, that we recognized as one with highest potential. We saw a distributed future enabled by technological advancements made by blockchain tech, leaped head on in it with full confidence and a hint of caution, and were rewarded for our work immensely.

Those were the days where there was only one “real” cryptocurrency, all others were just worthless altcoins (oh, what a misjudgment by the community back then). No companies, no banks, no governments were talking about this new magical software, and smart contracts were just some hazy idea with no real-world examples. But we saw where this was going — the software is eating the world, and the bites are getting bigger — pushing us to learn and work harder. We were thrilled to see the Bank of England become the first big player in the banking sector to make positive public statements regarding blockchain tech! We knew things were heading down the right path.

It all started with Nikola Jokic recognizing opportunities in 2010 when he first found out about Bitcoin but the force was not strong with him at the time so he wound up missing a period of immense growth. It took a years long period of blissful ignorance for Nikola, followed by a new revelation, “Ohh this thing works! Maybe we should do something about this blockchain thingy”.

Having a nice mixture of IT, physics, and business knowledge allowed him to recognize new possibilities, so he started assembling the team — like the Avengers, but way better. Then Matej Ujevic arrived and started working his magic. Having the biggest greenfield investment in Croatia at the time, and a successful telecom company behind him, he was the crucial ingredient to turn this project into working company. With both of them having mostly a tech background, they immediately recognised the need for a “Pinky and a Brain” type team member with a deep understanding of finance. So who better than Sasa Hunjak — the third Avenger — with his five years of experience in the banking sector. His knack for complex mathematics was also an added bonus. His arrival made things move at an intense pace, he was the final piece in the puzzle. But having to balance out the dynamic a bit more, Milovan arrived as the final founder. His calm character, experience with big IT systems, and calculated, risk-averse approach was exactly what we needed to make sure everything was running smoothly.

This methodical approach continued once we decided to reached out to our first pool of investors — we were aiming to connect with people from various industries — banks, IT, marketing, telecom, and education. We are proud to say we have a team of 30 investors by our side, covering all required expertise for handling digital assets, designing algorithmic trading systems, and running a business.

By comprehensively learning cryptocurrency market patterns, improving our performance, and with the design of KIP’s Eye System, year by year our profits grew, and with them, our pool of investors and assets. We did good. But we were still a classic company — with old-school decision making processes and trading procedures. They worked — but there was room for improvement.

Then, Ethereum entered the field and we saw potential. We noticed that a development community was emerging, and this inspired our vision for the future. We followed how Vitalik Buterin and the team behind the Ethereum Foundation opened up a whole new blockchain paradigm, leading us to start digging into the Ethereum.

Much has changed since we entered the crypto-trading world. The number of crypto currencies and digital asset tokens has increased, alongside daily trading volumes and market volatility.

After initial enhanced analysis and market test strategies were complete,we saw potential in low beta and stable return investment strategies. During Q2 of 2015, we have incorporated Krypto Investment Partners’ Limited (KIP) to act as a fintech company and to enable family and friends to become private stakeholders, thus raising assets and providing legal status to shareholders.

As a result of constant activity of the exchanges and ever changing market dynamics, manual strategy execution began to be an exhaustive and time-consuming task, and we began to realize we were missing out on numerous trading opportunities. To overcome these obstacles, we designed a solution that would distribute system architecture with a modular design, and artificial intelligence signals that provided us with real-time market data, better insight into digital assets, and information on when to proceed with trades.

During Q2 of 2016, the first building block of the platform (KIP’s Eye ©) became fully operational. That building block was designed to collect data (trades and order books) from several exchanges and to provide us with real-time data, and to store data in a single format that would be used for further market and opportunity analysis. This building block was a cornerstone for the platform, which enabled calculations from statistical parameters to fully automated ticket execution.

Trading strategies that have been deployed with KIP’s system have yielded positive risk/reward ratios (the Sharpe ratio is currently 3525%) with average monthly returns of approximately 9%and low beta, while ensuring risk control and enhanced management of the assets.

At the beginning of 2017, we started our cooperation with Cofound.it in order to make our solutions scalable,more accessible to the community, and provide tools that would give platform stakeholders an advantage (powerplay) in the market.

Planned benefits for stakeholders are:

  • Multiple exchange single API
  • Provide simplicity for designing strategies
  • Develop and backtest strategies
  • Better execution and reduced risk
  • Access to all historical and live trading data
  • Access and follow proven and effective trading strategies

Now, we’re excited to launch our ICO and issue our DPP Tokens that will be the fuel for our platform and our new distributed economy. Please refer to our previous post regarding token utilization which describes DPP Tokens as a utility, describing how tokens alongside wallets and smart contracts form an integral part of the platform.

As always, if you have any questions, inquiries or suggestions, please sign up to receive our newsletter and feel free to get in touch with us through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Slack channels. You can also contact us directly by email.

- The Digital Assets Power Play team



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