Blinded by the light? Gay couple will change your views.

The bright sun streaming in my tiny office about blinds me every afternoon. I finally decided to do something about it and get some blinds. After searching online for white faux wood blinds one boring blind site became the next. I literally couldn’t tell one from the other. Frustrated, I decided to just buy some and get it over with. That’s when I came across a site that made me actually stop shopping and start reading. instantly stood out. Two handsome men graced the sidebar captioned ‘Who Are the DaVills’. Good question and why is it on a site selling various blinds? Naturally curious I clicked the photo link. When the next page came up I realized who the DaVills are. The DaVills are a gay couple out to set the window covering world upside down by changing your views.

The personal statement accompanied with a very candid photo was shocking to me. Was I on a website selling blinds or on a personal blog? In a world full of faceless corporations and a country entangled in the ever loosing debate of gay marriage it was mesmerizing for me to see this gay couple saying here we are, we are who you are buying from and this is what we are about. Brave. I am sure this would turn some small minded folks away immediately, but this couple is staying true to their integrity and being visual and open about who they are and what they are all about.

After reading the statement I returned to the main page to shop around and see what kind of prices they offer. Half way down the page I saw another link that was alarming for me to see anywhere let alone an online store. The link read ‘Why We Don’t Have Sales’. What kind of crazy sales pitch was this? I clicked it and started reading. At first I thought it was an insane idea but as I continued to read I felt the DaVills had a genuine respect of human intelligence. Not just of their potential or current customers but of everyone. offers you a ‘relax, buy whenever you want’, ‘the price is always going to be the same’ approach. You have no need to wait for a sale because it’s always on sale. They talk about what sales really are and that they know that the consumer is intelligent enough to know sales are nothing more than price manipulation. The DaVills have decided they aren’t going to insult your intelligence and manipulate or pressure you.

Among their various social media links I decided to click into Pinterest and was again surprised. Their Pinterest account has an entire album of just the two of them in their day to day lives. I instantly liked this couple. They are reality in its truest form. The DaVills aren’t hiding behind smoke and mirrors. Instead, they are candidly sharing their lives with the customers they call their friends. The same friends that are saving money by purchasing from DaVill Blinds.

Brilliant. These guys are genius.
The blind world will never be the same.

Written by

Eva Patterson