Working From Home is Never Worth It
Rosamund Lannin

They day can slip by, never going outside as a home based business owner. When I work from home I have a start and stop time, music playing in the background, lots of water,, taking a 10-15 minute break every 45 minutes ( set a timer), to climb stairs, run aroud the block, calisthenics, weight lifting, tracking my activity by the hour or day segment so I know what I have accomplished. And like what I am doing. I also take my laptop or phone places to be in different physical spaces. Other people do more and others do less so it’s the empathy and person focus that matters to me. The work flow never stops when you work in a prompted response job, so I juts make sure the most important items are cleared, and everybody is safe if not yet satisfied. People used to write a letter and wait to get a meaningful response to a problem, or call on the phone. Outside urgency and anxiety projection about possibly unrelated issues is not my responsibility, so I am nice to people, unhurried and let encourage them talk, asking about their location or day experience.

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