We Can’t Change One Another’s Minds

How can one walk a path of honor and integrity in a systemic, relational community? By maintaining a foundation of sustainable choices and right living. People must reach agreement about the importance of common welfare and the human effects of policy that has not yet used technology to fully benefit people. Everybody should have clean water and healthy food and health maintenance when we consider all the resources of the planet. Oil can be used to make clean water systems as well as profits and carbon waste. My goal is to live life as a witness to the path of honor so I can look back on my choices with pride, living again in the memory of those who know me.

“ Coming out of this election year, I think what we absolutely have to find a way and a place and a vocabulary to talk about is moral imagination: the human effects of policies and the question of how we create common life and who we are to one another. We don’t necessarily need religious or political doctrine to answer those questions.” Krista Tippett

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