The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

What we do is most important to ourselves as a reflection of authenticity, and to others as an example of our vision. What other people do creates reality we may choose, or be forced to experience. I can create reality by experiential immersion of choice and vocation, supported by my intrinsic values. We will live in the future, so what I do in the present has direct bearing on what I may experience later. If I experience environmental or social injustice, do I just witness it, or do I seek to embrace a better reality of sustainability and opportunity? The pressures of the world are the material bonds we contract, with our desires and actions. An expensive new car requires monthly payments and insurance where a bicycle requires proximity to destination and maybe a lock. Living in a city requires different skills and resources than living in the woods, and offers different, yet similar experiences .

In 1943 Abraham Mallow defined our basic, psychological and self esteem needs to to describe the pattern that people navigate in life. My personal life course navigation includes a Daily and Weekly Monk Mode to chart an integrative personality, comprised of work, health, family, fun and systemic change. I choose to experience and reflect on Zat Rana’s expression because it speaks to a reality I have experienced.

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