I’ve been really curious about this for a while.
Cristina Loughrey

I have eaten roasted ants (large ones) in chocolate sauce and fried witchetty grubs (large wood-eating larvae). Both were yummy. I also don’t remove insects that land in my food, regarding them as having sacrificed their good protein for my benefit.

I agree with you that we are timid about eating some creepy-crawlies but not others. Is this evolutionary or upbringing or fashion? In Australia there are ow a number of companies providing insects for human consumption, mostly in powder or ‘crushed’ form, to add to other food.

I have also eaten food that looks and tastes like meat but is 100% plant-based with flavour added.

It all seems environmentally better, but there may still be issues to examine in this regard. One thing we do not want is unexpected consequences that are harmful — like the clearing of tropical forests for growing palms to provide bio-fuels for European cars, as is happening now.

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