With you

photo by Daan Spijer

Tai Ji in an airline seat
reminds me of you.
Eating chicken from a plastic tray
without you
reminds me of Tai Ji.
I leave and come back
always to you.
Sergei Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto
reminds me of you.
The after-dinner mint on my tongue
is you
melting into me.
The seventeenth and eighteenth
are with you.
Every other day
belongs to you.
I cannot do or think
without you
being part of it,
without you
being in my heart, my head and my breath.
Every person I speak with,
it’s you
with whom I commune.
I love myself
and you.
My life is richer
with you
and everything is possible
with you.

[Shortlisted in the Gum Blossoms Poetry Competition, June 2011]