photo by Daan Spijer

Warning: explicit sexual content

Boring, boring, boring. Why were we looking at dead bull’s sperm? I looked over at Damien. “I wish they would move,” I said to him.

He looked up at me out of a world of his own. “Huh?”

“I said that they should be wriggling around like they were made to do.”

He looked puzzled, so I gave him my naughty smile. I wanted to see how far I could go with him.

“I suppose you’re right.” He smiled back.

“Wouldn’t you like to see some real ones wriggling around?”

“Sure. But where would we get some?”

“They’re lots of them right here in the lab.”

Another “Huh?” from Damien.

“I know how we can get some right now. Are you game?”

Damien nodded, although he seemed to still doubt me. “Where?”

“We could …” Where would we be safe? I was starting to feel a little scared of what I’d started. I could stop it now, but I was feeling excited — anything to break the monotony of this science lab. “… in the… how about the old costume store near the hall?”


I collected two microscope slides and cover slips and put them in my skirt pocket. I still wasn’t quite sure what I really had in mind.

I signalled to Miss Rundle that I was going to the loo.

I quickly slipped into the storeroom. I stopped to listen. No-one in here. I switched on the light and there was a dim glow from the bare globe.

Was I really going to do this? What if we were caught? What if Damien didn’t come? Would he think I was a tart, or something?

I was sitting on a pile of gym mats and held my breath when I heard the door open. Damien walked slowly towards me.

“Where do they keep the stuff?” he asked. My God! I knew he wasn’t dim, but he still had no idea.

“It just walked in.”

I waited and then, like magic, his mouth opened and his face went red. He tried to say something, but he was stammering.

I blushed, too. Then I took a deep breath and looked serious. “It’s not a problem for you, is it? We’ll just be like two scientists doing an experiment.”

If only he knew how much this was an experiment for me. I was seventeen, with no experience.

“We might get caught,” he said.

“No, we’ll be right.” I didn’t feel very reassured by my own words. “Maybe we should forget about it. I mean, it’s really crazy when you think about it …”

“What?” he said. He hadn’t been listening.

“We could forget the whole thing,” I repeated, “if you don’t want to go on, I mean.”

“Oh, no … I mean … no, it’s not that … you just surprised me, that’s all and I … you see … I mean … ”

I suddenly felt like I wanted to reach out and wrap my arms around him and hold him tight and tell him it was okay and I was scared too. “You mean you haven’t done this before, with a girl, I mean?”

Damien sort of shrugged his shoulders like he was apologising.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I haven’t either. I mean, I haven’t, you know, with a guy before. I got bored in the lab and I got this crazy idea — I thought of how scientists used to experiment on each other and on themselves, you know.” This wasn’t coming out right.

Damien smiled and shrugged again. “Yeah, okay. So what’ll we do?”

“Do you masturbate?” The words were out before I knew I’d said them.

Damien shuffled his feet a bit. “Yeah, of course. All guys do.”

I’d started this, so I’d better be the one to keep going. Damien really wasn’t like some of the oafs I’d been with. They’d have rushed me by now and had me on my back and gritting my teeth.

“What I suggest we could do is that I stroke you and collect the semen and we can look at it in the lab.” I rushed this out, feeling embarrassed again. I started coughing nervously. I was starting to feel excited — my belly was fluttering and I had a warm feeling down in my vagina.

Damien was looking at me and moving closer. “Well, let’s get on with it,” he said, like he was finally taking some control of the situation.

He slowly undid his pants and let them fall. He shuffled closer to me. The way I was sitting up on the mats, I was eye to eye with him. Damien took a deep breath and then bent and pushed his underpants down. His penis suddenly came straight up and was pointing at me from under the bottom of his shirt. I’d never seen an erection before. It was bobbing up and down. As I looked at this thing that makes a man so different from a woman, I felt the flutter in my belly again and my thighs were feeling shaky and that warm feeling in my vagina was getting stronger. I felt like stroking myself there. Instead, I unbuttoned my blouse.

“What’re you doing that for?”

“Oh … ” I wasn’t sure. “I thought it would be nice if you touched me while I was touching you. It would sort of make it equal.”

“I … Yeah, that’d be nice,” he said softly.

“I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m a bit nervous.” I slowly unhooked my bra at the front and let it go. What would he think my breasts? Would he like them? Had he seen breasts before and would he compare them? Damien was staring at me now like he was really appreciating me.

I slowly stretched my hand towards him to touch his penis. How should I do this? I felt my fingers touch it and Damien suddenly gasped.

I pulled my hand back quickly. I thought I must have hurt him, but he said I hadn’t. “I just got a bit of a shock, that’s all. No-one has ever touched me there before. It felt strange.”

Damien looked at me again. Standing there with his penis pointing straight out and bobbing up and down and his pants down around his ankles, he looked so vulnerable.

“I like your breasts. They’re beautiful.”

I blushed again and felt that warm feeling.

I asked, “Can I touch you again?”

“Yes, sure … Can I touch you now?”

I smiled at him and nodded.

Damien’s hand was shaking a bit as he reached out. I held my breath. His hand was warm as he gently touched the side of my breast. I could feel little ripples on my skin, like goose bumps.

Damien reached out with his other hand and touched my other breast. Then he touched my nipples and I could feel them going hard. Oh, it felt so great, especially when he squeezed my breasts gently. He was like a kid, the way he was about this. It was obviously new to him. He was so careful and so gentle with me, like he thought I might bruise or break.

I then slowly reached for his penis again and gently held it in my hand. I was surprised how hard it was; I didn’t know it could be that stiff.

“What should I do now?” I asked.

“Uh, just keep your hand wrapped around like you’re doing and move it up and down.”

“Is this right?”

“Maybe a bit tighter with your hand. You don’t have to be quite so careful, it won’t hurt me.”

This felt so amazing and I kept getting these little shivers going through me and all over me. While I was stroking him, Damien started squeezing my nipples.

I closed my eyes and just sank into the feeling of it. “That feels so good,” I told Damien. I wanted more. “Would you do something else?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Would you suck on my breast? I want to know what that feels like.”

He put his lips against my left nipple, where his hand had been a moment before. He was hesitating. Then he opened his lips and sucked my nipple carefully into his mouth. Fireworks went off inside my belly, low down. He started sucking like he was a baby and even let out a soft moan. Then he sucked harder and I could feel more of my breast going into his mouth. I can’t describe what it felt like, except there was all this energy rushing through me.

I’d forgotten what we were there for and I let go of his penis. I reached up and held his head and pulled it more tightly against me. If this kept going longer, I’d go crazy, so I gently pushed his head away.

I felt tears stinging my eyes. I looked at him and said, “It’s so much better that I’d ever imagined. Thanks.”

I took a deep breath and remembered we were here for science. “We’d better keep going before they miss us in the lab.” I wrapped my hand around his penis again and stroked it up and down.

Now Damien took deep breaths and sighed. He smiled at me.

“I’m glad you like it. Now we’re even,” I said.

Damien smiled again and said, “I wish it was another part of you doing this, instead of your hand.”

I’d love to have done it with him right then and there. “Maybe another time,” I told him.

Damien looked at me like he was puzzled. I said, “I was thinking the same, because I really like you a lot, but it wouldn’t be right doing it here and rushing and everything …”

“Have you got the microscope slides ready?” he asked me.

I was about to reach for them in my pocket, when Damien’s body suddenly jerked. I realised that this was it. As it squirted out, I was just able to catch it in my free hand. I felt him pushing his penis hard into my other hand as he kept squirting and his body shuddered.

I managed to get the microscope slides out and smeared a bit of semen on each slide and gave them to Damien before washing my hands at the basin in the corner and drying my hands on my skirt.

I found the two cover slips in my pocket and put one in the middle of each slide. We sorted out our clothing and I gave Damien one of the slides.

Damien came back into the lab a couple of minutes after me. Looking at what was moving down there on the microscope slide gave me goose bumps again and those shivers through my body.

As Damien looked down his microscope, he said things like “Gosh!” and “Gee wiz!”.

I nudged him. “I wonder whether I’d be able to feel them swimming inside me.”

Damien smiled. “Maybe we could do another science experiment one day.”

“Maybe.” I liked the idea. When I thought about doing it with Damien it seemed like a distinct possibility and I felt excited again.

Miss Rundle came over. “Damien and Rebecca, what’s going on with you two? What are you suddenly finding so interesting?”

My face went red and I took the slide out of the microscope, but was still holding it when Miss Rundle stopped next to me. She took the slide from me and held it up to the light. Then she put it back into the microscope and looked at it for a while. My heart was thumping. Damien held two fingers to his head like a gun and pretended to shoot himself. I stifled a giggle.

“Well,” she said. “I hope this has all been in the spirit of science. Very enterprising.” She smiled. “When I was your age, not so long ago at that, I was always experimenting. In the interest of science, of course.” She winked and walked away, humming to herself.

[first published in Between the Sheets, Stringybark Publishing, 2011]