Genre Transformation: The Red Apple

Red, plump, and glossy
A sweet taste from the first bite
So much time, so much care
To watch it grow and be consumed
A happy smile you will have
But now I see
The genes have been damaged
What will happen?
A piece of nature has been changed
Poor apple
No longer happy how it is
Shines on the outside
Yet false on the inside
What more do we expect?
The simplest part of nature
No longer remained untouched
Technology has won the power
And consumers are to pay the price
I posted my poem on my Facebook account

My target audience can be for different people at different age levels and each have a different purpose of understanding GMOs. There are the teenagers and young adults who like fitness and try to maintain their diet as organic as possible. For parents who worry about what their children consume and how it affects their growth. Lastly, the older generation that like to keep their diet as healthy as possible due to their higher chance of health problem exposure. My call to action is everyone inform about what are GMO’s and what are the risk of being exposed to it; become aware and avoid all the harm these foods can provoke.