The NonGMO Project Webpage: Credible or Not? (Post 3)

For any person who is interested in living a GMO free life will find this website to be their main source of information. The website Living Non-GMO is constructed by a group of dedicated people who work to find alternatives from modified foods. Many people use this website for information and to find blogs about what events related to GMO’s are happening around us. The webpage is ran by a Board of Directors where each person has a profile showing his or her credibility and experience in this project. Some of these people are Corinne Shindelar, Alisa Gravitz, George Naylor, Mark Squire, Maureen Kirkpatrick, Trudy Bialic, Errol Schweizer, Micheal Potter, and Megan Westgate. Most of what is seen on this page consists of ways in which people can easily read more information about the topic and how people can become involved. There are a few different tabs at the top of this webpage; these tabs include information on what are GMOs, what food companies follow the NonGMO project, and a blog page filled with articles. Also, this webpage created their own phone application for consumers to take on the go to have at hand when you’re at the grocery store.

The domain name ending in .ORG is found to be a credible source for a webpage. This domain name is specifically known as a generic top-level domain, which contributes to the original domains that were established in 1985. On top of that, all blog-post contain the author that wrote it, the date, and a section where people can engage by leaving comments and opinions in a section below the blog post.

Each member on the Board of Directors plays a separate role in the project. The executive director, Megan Westgate, was one of the first people whom helped launch the Non-GMO Project back in 2007 where she started off in the position she is currently in. Further research shows that she is the co-author of two books: The Non-GMO Cookbook and Yoga for Pregnancy. According to Linkedin, “Westgate has been a part of Membership & Marketing for about 2 years, a Board Member for 7 years, and currently the Executive Director in the Non-GMO Project.” Her credibility as an author and contributor to the webpage shows a good standing based off her long commitment in the food industry.

The Board of Chair, Corinne Shindelar, has over 35 years of experience in leadership and organization pertaining to the food industries. Shindelar is the founder and current CEO of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA). Following that, she has received various awards due to her advocacy and success. The New Hope Network claims, “[Corinne Shindelar] Now 10 years in, INFRA is a thriving, dynamic, influential cooperative boasting almost 200 retailer members.” Shindelar has been a part of many food related projects, being recognized for all the hard work she collaborates with.

The webpage itself has been used as the works cited reference on various articles. The National Public Radio (NPR) tends to use the NonGMO tag in various articles, one including an informational on how food companies can become NonGMO Verified. Amy Mayer, the author of How Your Food Gets The ‘Non-GMO’ Label, states, “To receive the label, a product has to be certified as containing ingredients with less than 1 percent modification”. Mayer quotes Megan Westgate in her introductory paragraph to credit her writing. Other articles like NPR use the NonGMO Project webpage as their source of credibility for food companies and consumers to use as their guidance to receiving more information.

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