My #Inktober 2017

I started thinking about Inktober back in mid September and I questioned myself into how I would tackle the challenge of adding a second challenge to my already busy schedule. Whats the first challenge you ask? #DrawDaily2017 where I have challenged myself to draw digitally everyday for the whole year of 2017 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Sketchable App. See more of those drawings on

Back to #Inktober!

So in the last couple of days of September, I started to play with my ink pens and brushes, slowly testing out how they feel on the paper of my newest sketchbook. There were moments of trial and error where I wasn’t sure of my skills as it had been a while since I finished a drawing in traditional ink and paper.

As I mentioned above, 2017 was the year of digital and the Surface Pro was my focus. I do sketch on paper everyday, with a pencil, so I am not totally out of practice.

You can see that in my ink test drawings Batman looks crazy. I am trying out the pens, get a feel for their strengths and figure out for my weaknesses, etc. I picked the pens that worked for me and put away the rest.

October 1st comes around and its time! There was a rough time going for sure. I drew a bunch of drawings that did not make it to this post. I was unhappy with my ink drawings but I understood that this is why I am participating in the #Inktober challenge: To Improve My Drawing Skills!!!

I could tell after day 5 that I was now in my groove, my inking skills were improving and I would see better drawings as the month went by.

31 drawings later I am glad I stuck to the challenge and completed my drawings. I believe that through practice we sharpen our talents and Inktober is no exception.

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Here goes the full line up of #Inktober 2017. Enjoy and leave me some feedback.

Thank you.

If it’s Art, then I do it. #iLikeToDraw