2017 is the year of digital illustration where I challenged myself to draw every day on the Surface Pro 4 and Sketchable App. I sketch a lot and I want to improve my drawings, read more about that personal challenge here.

In my daily work schedule I look for time…

My #Inktober 2017

I started thinking about Inktober back in mid September and I questioned myself into how I would tackle the challenge of adding a second challenge to my already busy schedule. Whats the first challenge you ask? #DrawDaily2017 where I have challenged myself to draw digitally everyday for…

Ive been exploring my creativity with the adobe creative cloud apps including Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro.

Here is a simple sketch featuring one of my original characters: Penni.

I am also creating the curriculum to teach my 15 year Adobe Illustrator knowledge with an online course. Check it out right here: www.dacreativegenius.com/vector-maestros

and the final illustration!

Watch the monthly art talk with @DryerBuzz at @TuoiaFraming in Douglasville as we discuss the ‪#‎ArtLife‬ @ArtIsKing_ATL @DeltaTangoMike @ATLArtClasses and ‪#‎ArtBiz‬‪#‎Coaching‬ by www.deltatangomike.com/art-biz

There’s always a slow period in an artist’s schedule.
This is where Time Management and a To-Do list is very important.

There are several things on my schedule that even when I’m not working on a client project, I still have stuff to do. My personal projects list is huge…

Whenever an artist asks me for help in selling their work, my answer always involves the 4 important ingredients in every artists business.

Here they are: Vision, Goals, Steps and Schedule.

These four ingredients require 100% participation of the artist in determining their future. We must have a Vision to aim…

Pricing of your art can be tricky and its a constant discussion between artists. I have seen artists sell their art at a loss and other artists overprice their work.

This is one of the top answers on why art doesn’t sell even though other artists are selling at that…

When promoting your work to potential clients and commissions, you must present your work in the same level you wish to charge.

The more you want to charge, the better your presentation must be.

Proper Presentation.
Presentation should make your brand, your art and yourself look like a professional artist, no…

Take a look at your Art Life methods and decide what has worked and what hasn’t. Then delete what didn’t work in 2015 and add in new ideas and methods to 2016.

I interview at least 50 artists a year, for the Art Is King Podcast, and every one of…

The Black Book Conversations. RoundTable Discussion
4 Important Ingredients in Your 2016 Art Life Vision
FREE, bring a Friend!

Monday January 18
530pm — 7pm

Sam Flax South
1745 Peachtree St NE ATL GA

BRING YOUR SKETCHBOOK! All our meetups start with a sketching session. Bring your Black Books…


If it’s Art, then I do it. #iLikeToDraw

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