Blogiversary! Is that what it is called? Anyway this site is 1 years old.

Today is the 1 year mark (or Blogiversary) of this site.

What a difference a year makes and what a year it has been. This site started on October 26th, 2016 and by all accounts (actually just my account) is successful.

Let’s recap what a crazy year this has been

  • It all started with the post Fun for Free and I was just surprised to find the featured photo is upside down. Much like a rare stamp, I am sure the photo will add value to this site.
  • Soon there after, Donald Trump was elected President. I think this was a surprise to many, particularly in Blue leaning states or cities. That same day, I published a positive note on 10 reasons Doctoring is awesome.
  • Then I bought a million dollar home as discussed here and here. Something I never thought I would do.
  • The year went by with little fanfare until hurricane season hit. Then climate change reared it’s ugly head and likely exacerbated 3 major hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico and the largest wildfire in modern California history. Needless to say, FEMA has been very busy lately.
  • I was caught in that wild fire and that home I bought has recently turned to ashes. Fortunately I have more than adequate homeowner’s insurance which I recommend everyone make sure they are insured up.

So how can I consider the above a success? Well…


So what does success look like? It’s different for each person. For me it is publishing 2 to 3 articles a week and meeting amazing people. My community has grown from 0 on-line to about 30 people I regularly communicate with. Oh and I am profitable. Thank you site sponsors for your support! Further thank you to MedInsure Group (site sponsor) for making sure I am adequately covered even when I was not paying close attention.

My blogging/personal finance community includes some amazing friends in the community including Physician on Fire, Fritz, J Money, Liz the Chief Mom Officer, Rogue Dad, Karl at GoKinfo, and many more.

On a whim?

I didn’t start the site on a whim, I had always wanted to write. Somehow I landed on the topics of dollars, debts , doctoring, moderatism/contentment, and being a dad. Though admittedly I have not written much on being a dad.

The name Dads, Dollars, and Debts was chosen and I started writing using Square Space. By February 26th I switched over to WordPress and for some reason changed my name from to I discussed what I learned in my first 4 months blogging here.

This once changed led to a loss of readership from about 4000 a month to about 1000. That is lesson #1, Do not switch your sites URL unless you really are compelled. It is a bad idea and complicates things.

My stats before the switch included 10,946 views with a 4,724 in February 2017 alone. For the next 4 months from March through June I had 12,900 views reaching the 4,000 monthly view month again in June.

So my assessment, stick with your original URL and it takes about 4 months to get to 4,000 views.

Here is the overall site stats since the switch in February 2016.

A slow and steady incline! These stats are missing my first 4 months of traffic because the computer those stats likely melted in a blaze of glory with my home.

Most popular post

Not surprising, my most popular post was on my evacuation from the Tubb’s Fire. This was likely due to both the timeliness of the post and the fact that I shared it on social media as myself. Goodbye anonymity and hello page views!

Since publishing the post on October 14th, over 5,000 people have read that post. My next most popular post does not even come close at 676 views where I discuss starting a tax advantaged account, published in August.

Outside of the Tubb’s Fire article, most spikes in traffic are due to being mentioned on Physician on Fire. So thank you POF.

Spikes in page views courtesy of POF.


As for referrals, they made up most of my visits, though 31.7% of my readers landed on my site directly.

Of the referrers, it is no surprise that Physician on Fire was the top referrer for the year.

ND Nation was a distant second, but they only shared 1 post (the Tubb’s Fire), impressing me with their mobilization power.

My own old site,, referred 329 sessions to my site.


Finally for the states, here is a map of countries from where viewers have seen my posts. I am missing a few countries here and there, but Africa is particularly absent. Maybe I can improve that next year.

Blue is good…the bluer the more people visiting my site.

What next?

So what is the new year going to bring? Well I plan on writing about my process after loosing my home. This will include how insurance works, how rebuilding and permitting work, and any other general bits of knowledge I gain. I also will be discussing how downsizing from 3200 square feet to 700 square feet is going for a family of 3 + dog.

I also have some posts already in the books waiting to be published. Those have nothing to do with fire (hot fire that is) and more to do with FIRE (early retirement fire).

Thanks to all of the support over the last year and particularly the last few weeks. I truly appreciate it. It has been a fun year and a trying few weeks, but life is about uncertainty and change. The easier we can role with it, the better off we all are.

Have fun in FinCon to my fellow PF bloggers.

Originally published at Dads Dollars Debts.